12-Year-Old vs. Ryan Howard For 200th HR Ball

Did the Phillies bully a little girl into giving up a treasured memento in exchange for a couple of game tickets and some magic beans? Or is this the case of a scumbag lawyer filing a needless lawsuit to make a baseball star look bad? Hey, why can’t it be both? Yes, now I’m happy.

Jennifer Valdivia, Ryan Howard

The date is July 15, 2009 (actual date may vary) at Land Shark Stadium, home of the Florida Marlins and many gigantic bugs. Ryan Howard slugs a home run for the Phillies. In the right field bleachers, thinking about hair care products and possibly one or more Jonas brother, is Jennifer Valdivia, 12, who is at the game with her grandfather and 15-year-old brother. The ball comes to her and she catches it. It happens to be Howard’s 200th career homer, and Phillies management quickly move in for the kill. Their mission? Get that ball from the kid. Read more…