Lastings Milledge Prefers Nats Apathy To Attitude

At one time, Lastings Milledge was one of the hottest prospects in all of baseball. At 21, he was the youngest player in all of baseball when the Mets brought him up in 2006, and he was a player with seemingly limitless tools. But one year later, the Mets had washed their hands of him, tired of his lackluster attitude, lack of respecPreview »t for the veterans and the “traditions of the game” and having to apologize for his X-rated rap songs.

Lastings Milledge Myspace Page Photo

So he was shipped off to the Washington Nationals, who have since made him and fellow problem child Elijah Dukes the centerpiece of their rebuilding plans. And Milledge, for one, would rather be with the Nationals than the Mets, despite the 29.5 game gap in the standings between the two teams last season. Why? Because, as he told the WASHINGTON POST, the Nationals let young players approach the game the right way - their way.

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Matt Damon Gets In Shape By Running Triathlon

While we make no guarantees around here about trying to be “equal opportunity” when it comes to showing scantily-clad images of males and females, every now and then we’re forced by law to provide some visual stimulation for the ladies in the form of a dreamy, hunky superstar actor. Which is why we’re broadcasting the following image:

Fatt Damon

(You’re welcome, girls)

The above image is Matt Damon filming his role for the upcoming movie The Informant. It’s also, obviously, why he felt he needed to get back into shape by running part of yesterday’s Escape to Miami triathlon. No way folks are going to flock to the next Jason Bourne movie if the star’s got a gut like that.
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