Woman Swims Across Atlantic For Some Reason

Let’s face it, life between the Super Bowl and baseball season can be rough. Sure, there’s the NBA and college basketball, but eventually you get tired of the same five NBA teams on television over and over, and most college basketball is kinda low-quality. Shooting 34% from the floor again: it’s March Madtastic! Most people respond to the winter doldrums by turning to home improvement, studying for fantasy baseball, or drinking alone. But Jennifer Higge is not like most people.

Jennifer Higge swimmer
(Higge’s swimwear brought to you by Green Goblin Enterprises, Inc.)

Higge became the first woman to swim across the Atlantic Ocean on Friday, landing at a former leper’s colony off the coast of Trinidad after departing from the coast of Africa on January 12. She missed the playoffs! Exactly why Higge did this is unclear; it wasn’t raise awareness for any charity, and at 56 years old(!!!) she’s probably not trying to jump-start a career as a sports celebrity. As near as we can tell, she did this because… well, she wanted to.

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