Blog-A-Roni: WWE Diva Wrestling w/Escort Claims

• WITH LEATHER slams down rumors of Ashley Massaro, a WWE Diva that TMZ claims has been grappling with opponents outside the ring while working for an escort service.

Ashley Massaro

• Speaking of the squared circle, THE SPORTS HERNIA catches Dancing fool Jason Taylor showing off more wrestling moves.

WALKOFF WALK has pics and BUGS &CRANKS have video of Jennifer Anniston & Owen Wilson dogging it during a Marlins game.

• Remember that kid who had been wearing a Brett Favre jersey for the past 4 years? Well, YOU BEEN BLINDED follows up that the boy has finally shed the shirt.

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Blog Jam: Joe Buck’s Gonna Put A Spell on You

• DEADSPIN is all abuzz about Joe Buck hosting a “celebrity” spelling bee.

Joe Buck trading card

• FAN IQ’s 100% INJURY RATE races over video of A.J. Pierzynski taking on a Sun-Times columnist in a base-stealing contest.

• LARRY BROWN SPORTS weighs in with the opinion that baseball players are meant to be fat.

• JOE SPORTS FAN has hair-raising news that Mets pitcher John Maine just loves Jennifer Anniston’s mane.

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David Beckham Signs Underwear Deal With Armani

BECKS JOINS ARMANI, BESTS BRADY IN UNDERWEAR WARS: Tom Brady can have his Calvin Klein underwear contract. David Beckham just scored with Armani:

Beckham Homer Simpson

ACE SHOWBIZ pulls up news of the soccer star signing a deal to sport the suave skivvies. Becks has been in good standing with the Italian fashionistas since the company provided uniforms for the 2002 England World Cup team.

Photo ads featuring Beckham in briefs are expected to hit magazines in January - a perfect cure for Grandma’s (and you gay uncle’s) post-holiday depression.

But Tommy may one-up Davey yet again. Jennifer Anniston wants the Pats QB…to help sell her beverage:

Tom Brady Jennifer Anniston

CELEBRITY MOUND gulps down news that the ex-”Friends” star wants to put Brady’s mug on bottles of SmartWater. Anniston herself recently posed for the drink’s new ad campaign.

Why is Jenny so concerned about tapping Tom? She also happens to be an investor in the thirst-quencher.

Sparkletts water gallon

Will this mean Beckham’s chiseled good looks will soon grace gallons of Sparkletts?