Tom Brady Is The World’s Most Dangerous Athlete

It’s becoming a pretty well accepted fact nowadays that the NFL is full of dangerous madmen. Between all the dog fighting, the sweatpants shootings, and the cabbie beatings, it could be harmful to your health even being in the same stadium as the NFL’s gridiron ruffians. Hell, you could even end up with a black eye just watching them on TV - that’s how dangerous these folks are.

Tom Brady Blingee


Take Patriots QB Tom Brady, for example. Everyone knows Dreamboat is a menace to society, blinding people with his gleaming white teeth and making women worldwide faint on sight. But what you probably didn’t know is that Brady is the fourth-most dangerous celebrity on the entire planet. Well, now you know. Beware the Dreamboat, folks, he’ll mess your s*** up.

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Week In Review: Angels’ Adenhart Dies In Crash

• A very tough week for the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim: Pitcher Nick Adenhart dies in a hit & run car accident caused by a drunk driver, just days after a fan dies from a post-game fight in an Angel Stadium stairwell.

Nick Adenhart Brian Powers

(Left - Nick Adenhart; Right - Fight victim Brian Powers)

Cheryl Miller wasn’t pleased that Scot Pollard was late for their NBA TV show, and she wasn’t afraid to use the airtime to air her grievances.

• ESPN reporter Shelley Smith takes a misstep at a Detroit bar during the Final Four.

• Fans fighting while their team’s championship banner is being raised, and booing while World Series rings are given out? Must be Philadelphia.

• A former Gonzaga women’s basketball star-turned-high school softball coach gets zagged for having sex with one of her 16-year-old players.

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Cougar Aniston Now Prowling For David Wright?

It’s pretty good to be David Wright these days. He’s got millions of dollars, Mets fans love him, and he never has to deal with being all over the back page of the POST and DAILY NEWS because of A-Rod and Derek Jeter.

Jennifer Aniston and David Wright

He has also apparently caught the eye of the newly-single Jennifer Aniston, who recently broke up with John Mayer. I mean, if a British tabloid called NOW says she’s interested, it must be true, right? According to Jen’s “friend” (the ‘Deep Throat’ of the gossip world), she has become intrigued with the idea of dating an athlete ever since seeing the “passionate” relationship between A-Rod and Madonna. Yuck.

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Aniston Vacates Vaughn, Turns To Reece For Help

Jen Aniston scuttled Vince Vaughn’s recent marriage proposal and then dumped the bloated boozebag.

Numerous media outlets report that the empty-headed actress has since turned to her circle of friends for support - who include Sheryl Crow, Courteney Cox and volleyball vixen Gabrielle Reece.

Aniston would do well to avoid the ripped Reece, lest she get overshadowed - figuratively and literally.

With the volleyballer back in the news, Yahoo searches on Reece are up 56%. I’m guessing lubriderm sales are skyrocketing at a similar clip.

Aniston should also exercise to this vid to help exorcise thoughts of sex with Vince “Body By Pringles” Vaughn - and avoid the prospect of dating a an individual of questionable sexual orientation.