Nick Collison’s Tweets Spark OKC Radio Meltdown

Does the name Jenni Carlson ring a bell? Maybe a little bit, but you can’t remember from where? Would it help if we said the words, “I’m a man,” “I’m 40,” and “GARBIDGE”? Ah yes, now you remember: she was the columnist whose hit piece on an Oklahoma State quarterback prompted one of the most memorable hissyfits, courtesy of OSU head coach Mike Gundy. Watch here for a trip down memory lane.

Nick Collison Red Afro
(Turns out the heat’s just terrible for his hair.)

We bring up Carlson today not for a gratuitous Gundy mention, but because she’s in the news again for pulling another “watch me read too much into the wrong detail” column and prompting another meltdown. This time, she set her sights on Thunder forward Nick Collison, who had the audacity to post on Twitter that he liked the weather in Seattle better than in Oklahoma City. Incredibly, according to the DAILY THUNDER, that was enough for a radio host to lose his s**t.

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