Why ESPN Spiked Jenn Brown’s Beer “Promotion”

Last Friday MillerCoors sent out a press release touting ESPN college football reporter Jenn Brown as its new celebrity spokesperson for the company’s Icehouse-brand beer. But today a spokesman for MillerCoors told the MILWAUKEE BUSINESS JOURNAL that ESPN had canceled the deal.

Jenn Brown Icehouse Deal Spiked By Network

(ESPN Execs don’t always drink beer, but when they do, it isn’t Icehouse)


“We have learned from sources at ESPN that the agreement is not moving forward as planned,” said Julian Green, spokesman for Chicago-based MillerCoors, which operates a major brewery and has administrative offices on Milwaukee’s west side.

MillerCoors hasn’t received official word from Brown or her agent pertaining to the status of the deal, which ESPN initially approved, Green said.

ESPN spokesman Josh Krulewitz has since confirmed that the, “the Jenn Brown Icehouse promotion is no longer.”

Though ESPN has acknowledged killing the deal, the network offered no details today on why the decision was made.

But from talking to numerous sources today, I know the reason. Read more…