Jeffrey Loria Sure Knows What Marlins Fans Want

Florida Manatees Do Not Want

The Fine Art Of Fan Alienation, With Jeffrey Loria

You’re Jeffrey Loria. (Apologies in advance.) Your first foray into the sports realm after many false starts began with feet-kicking about a new stadium for your Montreal Expos. When that went poorly, you salted the earth in Quebec with incessant whining. Eventually, the other owners came to your ‘rescue’ with a bailout of unprecedented proportions.

Jeffrey Loria, master baiter

In Miami, you stumble into a 2003 World Series win, making you a very successful accidental tourist. You respond by immediately breaking out your poutin’ shoes again and demand a new stadium. When this fails repeatedly, you chop salary again and alienate a second fan base. When you finally get that stadium deal, does it seem like a good time to lay low and not act petulantly? Read more…

MLB To Remain In Miami After Stadium Deal OK’d

The MIAMI HERALD reports that the Marlins will be remaining in Miami, after city & county officials approved a deal for a new ballpark.

Marlins new stadium Billy the Marlin mascot

Two separate votes by the Miami City Commission and the Miami-Dade County Commission sealed the deal Thursday night. The $525 million plan calls for a new 37,000-seat stadium (complete with a retractable roof) to be built on the soon-to-be vacant Orange Bowl site.

However, some citizens are still upset with the whole deal. Read more…