Cubs Fans Still Love Charlie Weis’ Diva Stylings

Charlie Weis has been a bastion of popularity for the past year or so, eating leading the Fighting Irish into a national shame spiral, and being unable to replicate the success of the New England Patriots at a college level. Shocking, I know.


Even more shocking? Weis is a horrible singer and no one at Wrigley Field really likes him. I mean, you didn’t expect him to have efficiently mastered using an open mouth for anything outside eating, did you? And surely you didn’t think going 3-9 last season (including a loss to Navy) would keep Weis from getting booed did you? To answer those inane questions, the WIZARD OF ODDS was kind enough to cook up some video footage of Weis shattering glass at Wrigley recently.

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Jeter Still Working His Way Through Hot 100 List

First it’s baseball bobbleheads, then bobblefeet - which body part is next?

• Checking the Derek Jeter Maxim leaderboard - that’s 7 down, 93 to go.

Minka Kelly Derek Jeter

• How’s Jeff Samardzija’s baseball career hitting it off? Well, not too good.

• Indy Car’s new “Danica Rule” weighs heavy on our minds.

Mark Cuban built an underground bunker? He must’ve been high.

• Is Randy Moss’s WVU jacket making a mockery of Marshall?

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Ex-ND Football Star Striking Out In Minor Leagues

Most of us remember Jeff Samardzija as a standout wide receiver for Notre Dame, so you’re forgiven if you didn’t realize that he signed a big-money contract to pitch for the Cubs organization last year.

jeff samardaija cubs notre dame

Especially since he…uh, well, kinda sucks. Read more…