Ex-UCLA Star Jordan Farmar Is Afraid Of Women?

• Lakers benchwarmer Jordan Farmar is fearful of over-infatuated females.

Jordan Farmar Laker Girls

If he’s afraid of girls, why is he blogging for PLAYBOY?

• USC says Rey Maualuga is so sorry for shaking it behind Erin Andrews.

• The Celtics continue to crash & burn, while Ball State gets flattened by a Golden Hurricane. (Its much more powerful than a golden shower.)

• The Colorado Buffaloes better bet set to share the blame of their wayward teammates.

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Cleveland Hires Mangini; BC Dumps Jagodzinski

Another piece in the NFL coaching puzzle has apparently fallen into place: ESPN is reporting that Eric Mangini has been hired as the new head coach of the Cleveland Browns. Hardly shocking news: Mangini was long-rumored to be the front-runner for the job, and he has experience in Cleveland (having worked there under Bill Belichick).

eric mangini hat

Mangini will be replacing Romeo Crennel, which must be a bit of deja vu: Eric also replaced Crennel as the Patriots’ defensive coordinator when Crennel left to take the Browns’ head coaching job back in 2005. And to make Mangini feel even more at home, he’s also the brother-in-law of Cleveland Indians GM Mark Shapiro. Several sources are reporting that Crennel might be part of Mangini’s staff, either as defensive coordinator or special assistant. I’m sure that won’t be awkward at all.

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