Coastal Carolina Track Coach Gets Into Arrest Act

You have to say this about Coastal Carolina University: they might be a small school, but their level of commitment rivals that of any major college powerhouse. Unfortunately, this commitment seems to be towards getting as many members of their teams arrested as humanly possible. Whether it’s football players or golfers, all too often some member of the Chanticleers is making news for all the wrong reasons.

Cross country

(Is this runner exhausted, or hung over? You make the call!)

It’s a bad sign that I know that their teams are called the Chanticleers just because of the number of times I’ve had to write about one of their athletes getting arrested. But this time it’s a totally different story: it’s coach getting thrown in jail, with the MYRTLE BEACH SUN NEWS saying that track and field and cross country coach Jeff Jacobs was arrested for a DUI early Saturday morning. Who says that the older generation can’t learn from the kids of today?

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