NFL GM Apologizes For Pre-Draft Prostitute Query

Miami Dolphins General Manager Jeff Ireland issued a public apology to Dallas Cowboys wide receiver Dez Bryant today in response to Bryant’s recent revelation that a “high-level executive” from an NFL team asked him during a pre-draft interview if his mother was a prostitute.

Dez Bryant Mom Angela Bryant

With his statement today, Ireland confirmed that he was the one who asked the question. Bryant was posed the query during an April 1-2 visit with the Dolphins as part of a two week trip in which the former Oklahoma State receiver reportedly visited 11 teams before the NFL Draft. Read more…

Dolphin GM Suffers Slip; Robert Smith Suffers Rip

Well, who *hasn’t* lied about their age every once in a while?

Kyle Turley politely disagrees with Robert Smith over the NFL’s handling of players’ disability.

Kyle Turley helmet toss

• Dolphins GM Jeff Ireland may have absentmindedly muttered out Miami’s choice for 1st pick.

Nick Saban continues to demonstrate the charming rapport he has with the media.

Jim Boylan has been officially bumped off the Bulls’ payroll. Bet he feels like Aaron Gray did.

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Did GM’s Verbal Tick Reveal Dolphins’ First Pick?

Having toweled off after detailing Bill Parcells’ training camp golf cart in the stifling South Florida humidity, Dolphins GM Jeff Ireland met with the media today.

Jeff Ireland Sigmund Freud

When he was asked about Miami’s first selection in next week’s NFL draft, Ireland suffered a verbal slip that might’ve expose a significant sliver of the Fins’ intention for pick. (audio after the jump) Read more…

Football Website’s Prank Freaks Out Dolphins GM

We aren’t going to get out of here without something April Fools-related, however lame we find the holiday.

Jason Taylor Robot Pigeon

(*not impressed* (guttural sound))

Mike Florio of PRO FOOTBALL TALK reported this morning, with a straight keyboard, that Jason Taylor had retired from professional football: “Miami Dolphins defensive end Jason Taylor, currently a contestant on that showcase for show business has-beens and wannabes known as Dancing with the Stars, will announce on Tuesday night’s broadcast his retirement from the National Football League.

Since it was Florio’s first post out of the box, we found it a little suspicious, and didn’t mention it. Subsequently, the SOUTH FLORIDA SUN-SENTINEL’s Ethan Skolnick, who is covering the NFL owner’s meetings up the road in West Palm Beach, reports that a couple reporters did fall for the *gag* and asked Fins GM Jeff Ireland about it.

Ireland’s response: “HAR HAR!” Read more…

Green Means (Officially) Gone For Bill Parcells

The MIAMI HERALD reports that new Dolphins management continues to clean house, as the team has released nine players on Monday, including four veteran starters.

Trent Green stretcher Dolphins injury

QB Trent Green, WR Marty Booker, OT L.J. Shelton & DT Keith Traylor were among those given the hook. New Dolphins GM Jeff Ireland said in a statement, “It’s especially difficult to release players who have been productive and valued members of the organization. However, we feel these decisions are in the best interest of the team.”

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