Video: Reds’ Mascot Loses Head Over 7-HR Day

The Cincinnati Reds were homer-happy on Wednesday, as they lit up the Cubs with seven fence-clearers in their 9-0 win. Joey Votto did most of the damage for the Big Red Machine, clobbering three home runs on his own. The Reds’ first baseman certainly was going out of his head.

Joey Votto Mr. Redlegs Cincinnati Reds

Check that - it was the Reds’ mascot who really went out of his.

BUGS & CRANKS has footage of Mr. Redlegs taking a pre-game tour around the Great American Ballpark, driven by trusty costumed sidekick Gapper. Unfortunately, while motoring along the warning track, Redlegs took a Great American misstep which ended in a Great American fall.

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Rowand Should’ve Skipped That White Castle Visit

It’s been quite enjoyable to tune into Cincinnati Reds games this year - not for the play on the field, but the action in the press box. When it’s not Jeff Brantley calling out players for not being clutch - only to have said player immediately hit a game-winning home run - it’s Marty Brennaman calling out Cubs fans for being obnoxious.

Jeff Brantley Marty Brennaman White Castle

Well, as AWFUL ANNOUNCING tells us, the fun continued over the weekend, as another Reds contest was witness to another memorable moment in broadcast history. But this time, it wasn’t Marty or Jeff supplying the hilarity (with video after the jump).

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Blog-Jam: Twins’ World Series Won With Steroids?

• BUGS & CRANKS learns that Bill James believes the Minnesota Twins’ World Series titles may have been helped by steroids.

Bill James Kirby Puckett

• HOME RUN DERBY warns baseball fans not to get caught by the cameras in the all-you-can-eat section.

Jay Posner of the SAN DIEGO UNION-TRIBUNE catches up with Jeanne Zelasko, as the Fox Sports baseball anchor gets ready for another season after dealing with thyroid cancer.

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Brantley Proved Wrong By Reds’ Clutch Home Run

It’s always a great feeling to come through in clutch situations. It’s even better to hush up those who were just ragging on you moments before.

Jeff Brantley Edwin Encarnacion

During last night’s game between Cincinnati & Arizona, Reds color analyst Jeff Brantley began verbalizing his frustration with Edwin Encarnacion. Down 5-3 in the bottom of the 9th with two men on, Encarnacion had just whiffed on two straight bunt attempts. And Brantley began to berate the Reds’ slugger, suggesting he be removed from the batter’s box.

(Video after the jump.)

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