Jeanne Zelasko Just Got a Little Ahead Of Herself

Tweet from MLB Net’s Jeanne Zelasko immediately following the Yankees’ six-run seventh inning that gave New York a 6-4 lead over the Angels last night:

Jeanne Zelasko Yankees Champagne Tweet

(Bless her heart.)

The Angels scored three runs in the bottom of the inning and went on to win, 7-6. (I wasn’t the only one to notice.)

Stupid: Dodgers Blow Off Zelasko For TV Gig

OK, we finally get the Manny thing out of the way, which may have somehow engendered reluctant goodwill in the McCourts’ direction - and then we get this from Tom Hoffarth of the L.A. DAILY NEWS today:

Jeanne Zelasko

(Cancer survivor Zelasko or Charley Steiner? Nice going Frank and Jamie!)

Former Fox MLB studio host Jeanne Zelasko was inexcusably left out of the group of six broadcasters who the Dodgers invited to a play-by-play tryout during March, their attempt to find someone for a package of 40 TV road games. A forward- thinking organization couldn’t figure out that by including her in the mix, they’d elicit some positive reaction?

Listening to a couple of games this week showcase 28-year-old Ben Wagner, a poor man’s Matt Vasgersian currently with the Triple-A Buffalo Bisons, any recognizable voice in the So Cal market who missed this cut must really reassess his or her future. What are the Dodgers trying to achieve here, if not a search to replace Vin Scully someday?

As some of you may know, I was in the baseball announcing game for 10 years, doing minor and major league baseball, and I must say that I laughed out loud when I read this news. Read more…

Blog-Jam: Twins’ World Series Won With Steroids?

• BUGS & CRANKS learns that Bill James believes the Minnesota Twins’ World Series titles may have been helped by steroids.

Bill James Kirby Puckett

• HOME RUN DERBY warns baseball fans not to get caught by the cameras in the all-you-can-eat section.

Jay Posner of the SAN DIEGO UNION-TRIBUNE catches up with Jeanne Zelasko, as the Fox Sports baseball anchor gets ready for another season after dealing with thyroid cancer.

Read more…

Nene Tumor Malignant But Full Recovery Likely

Nene Denver Nuggest Testicular Cancer

Finally some good news for Nene - his testicular cancer didn’t spread.

The DENVER POST reports that a tumor found on the Denver Nugget was malignant - contradicting earlier reports that the tumor was benign.

Luckily, the cancer “was isolated and did not spread,” and the tumor was removed during surgery on January 14. Nene is currently recovering in Denver, and there’s no timetable set for his return.

If Nene wants some sports perspective on his ordeal, he can always chat with Jeanne Zelasko and Stuart Scott about their experiences.

Zelasko Waiting ‘Till After Bowls To Tackle Cancer

Jeanne Zelasko isn’t going to let a little thing like thyroid cancer keep her from doing her job.

Jeanne Zelasko

Tom Hoffarth of INSIDE SOCAL diagnoses that the Fox Sports reporter will do her duty covering the Cotton and Orange Bowls, despite the discovery of a bump on her gland. Doctors have told her that the growth is in its very early stages, so she’s suspending surgery until after the bowl season.

We can’t blame her for not wanting to miss out on the games, especially the the Kansas-Virginia Tech matchup in Miami. How could she resist the chubby charms of Mark Mangino?

Mark Mangino coach of the year award

Zelasko hopes her announcement will encourage others to keep an eye on their own health issues. For example, she suggests, “Routinely checking your thyroid is something you can do in traffic…unlike a breast exam that might get you a few odd looks.”

…but no shortage of volunteers to help. Or to take cell phone pics.

Stuart Scott Nick Stewart

Zelasko is the second sportscaster in the past few days to reveal a personal cancer battle. Stuart Scott returned to ESPN on Friday, after a month-long absence while dealing with an intestinal illness.

Coincidentally, both anchors share the same agent - Jackie Harris of William Morris. Jeanne joked, “I told her we have to add her to the list of things that cause cancer.”