Michael Strahan And Nicole Murphy Are Engaged

It’s been a few years since former New York Giants defensive end Michael Strahan got divorced from his first wife, Jean Strahan.  In case you don’t remember the damage done to Strahan in that ordeal, let us remind you that Strahan was ordered to give his wife $15 million and hundreds of thousands of dollars in child support because there are only so many diapers you can buy with $15 million.

Since then Strahan has spent his time doing just about anything he can to get some of that money back.  He’s got the job working on FOX’s NFL studio show, and he even has an ill-fated sitcom ready to debut on FOX as well this fall.  Now that he’s starting to recoup some of his losses, for some reason Strahan has now gone out and found another way to lose the money again.

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Strahan’s Return Ruined By Alimony For Ex-Wife?

If my salary got cut in half the second I walked in my office, I’d probably quit my job. Actually, scratch “probably”. Even if I was getting a multi-million dollar contract from a football team, if my $8 million suddenly became $4 million, well, I’d rethink playing.

Michael Strahan celebrates Super Bowl win

One of the ways your salary can get cut in half is via a nasty, nasty divorce proceeding (now freshly settled!), which GAME ON! points us towards. Such a situation maybe could possibly but not-guaranteed-for sure-explain why Michael Strahan decided to stay in the FOX booth. For now.

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Strahan Enters Three-Point Stance In Divorce Suit

Well over a year ago you may remember Giants defensive tackle Michael Strahan getting his financially cut-blocked by ex-wife Jean Strahan to the tune of over $15 million plus child support. This was viewed by his lawyers as unreasonably high, even given the above-average amount of athlete off-the-field dickbaggery. (If you forget the details, then remember yourself, kind soul.)

Michael Strahan vs. wife

Now Strahan is fighting back in the appeals process, according to the NEWARK STAR-LEDGER, (who’ve never steered me wrong before on proceedings of Strahan’s divorce). He’s ready to try and blitz last year’s ruling, getting some of that money back and placing it into a … wait for the pun … sack. Read more…