Ex-NFLer’s Pregnant GF Killed In Jealous Rage

Former Chicago Bears cornerback Shaun Gayle and his girlfriend, Rhoni Reuter, were just two months from welcoming their first child when an unknown assailant broke in and killed Reuter in October 2007 in the Deerfield, Illinois condo that she and Gayle shared.

Shaun Gayle and Marni Yang

Well, the alleged murderer, who was originally thought to be a male teenager,  has been arrested — and it’s a 41-year-old woman. Marni Yang was a business associate and friend of Gayle’s who apparently was jealous of his relationship with Reuter, so she donned a disguise and shot her seven times. Look, I know Gayle was the guy throwing down all the sweet bass lines in the “Super Bowl Shuffle” video, but there were probably more effective ways of dealing with the jealousy here.

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Ohio H.S. Team Gets Own Indoor Practice Facility

I went to a high school in suburban Chicago that was generally considered to be a basketball school. For the most part, when the school’s athletic department got any kind of money to spend, it all went to the basketball team. They had the nice court, the nice practice facilities, the new uniforms every year, all that stuff. I played on the football team, and needless to say, we didn’t get any of that crap. On our practice fields there were so many dips and divots in the ground that they caused more twisted knees and sprained ankles than anything else.

Which is why I should have gone to high school in Ohio. In Massillon, Ohio, there is Massillon High School, home of the Tigers. The school has a rich tradition in football seeing as how Paul Brown was once a history teacher and a football coach there. The school also has a rich tradition of having students who grow up to be rich and donate a bunch of money to it, allowing Massillon to build themselves an indoor practice facility for the football team.

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