Italian Swimmer Suffers Suit Snafu As Seat Splits

• Ain’t that a pain in the butt: An unlucky Italian swimmer suffers a cheeky wardrobe malfunction during a meet.

Flavia Zoccari

• The Baltimore Orioles make history - but the good kind, for once.

• The head of L.A.’s schools is seething after Sacha Baron Cohen did a Bruno GQ photoshoot with some high school football players.

• America’s favorite couple is back - Terrell Owens & Joanna Krupa return to compete in ABC’s “Superstars“.

Stephon Marbury really doesn’t want to go back to New York.

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Rays Fan vs. J.C. Romero: Let The Fun Commence

You remember Robert Eaton, the Tampa Bay Rays fan who wanted an autograph from the Phillies’ J.C. Romero last week, and wound up getting throttled by the pitcher. Now Eaton wants more than a signature — he wants cash. It’s litigation time at the Trop! (Jaunty organ music here).

That’s not actually Eaton pictured on the right above, although that’s how I pictured him while he was talking, along with his attorney Jim Magazine, on WIP radio in Philadelphia on Tuesday. I wonder, did the interview conclude with a call-in segment? I would have loved to hear that, since they were in Philadelphia. Anyway, as Jimmy Shapiro of Sports Radio points out: “Eaton talks of a neck injury and I can totally see a Brady Bunch type neck brace in a court setting for this clown.”

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Rays Fan: J.C. Romero Grabbed Me By The Neck

Rays fans didn’t exactly go crazy for the World Series rematch with the Phillies at the Trop this week — they didn’t get a crowd that topped 21,000. But one Rays fan got his money’s worth down by the Phils’ bullpen, and ended up getting allegedly smacked around by J.C. Romero.

J.C. Romero

Romero, if you didn’t know, was the winning pitcher in the deciding game of the Series last year, then was suspended for 50 games this year for testing positive for androstenedione during the 2008 season. He and some other Phillies were approached by 25-year-old Robert Eaton for autographs, but after brushing him off Eaton yelled out to Romero something about him “getting some juice” instead. J.C. didn’t take too kindly to that, but after reading the whole story I’m not so sure that Eaton doesn’t come off looking like the bigger idiot.

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JC Romero Didn’t Know About 1-800-Drugs-Bad

J.C. Romero is currently pitching in the Phillies’ preseason camp in Clearwater, Fla. He’s getting in early preparation, but he’s going to have plenty of time to get ready for the season after his teammates have already started playing. Why? Because he’s due to serve a 50-game suspension as soon the season kicks off.

jc romero
(Why GNC, why!)

During the 2008 season, Romero tested positive for a banned substance. That’s not radical. What is stunning is his own defense, in which he says that the Phillies’ doctors cleared the supplements he bought from GNC and, to make matters worse, that he didn’t even realize Major League Baseball had set up a drug hotline for players to clear the supplements through. Romero’s blaming his suspension — which will cost him $1.3 million — on bad communication by MLB officials, and he may have a point.

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