Tiger Will Always Be Shoeless To Jayson Williams

One of the amusing details of Tiger Woods‘ car accident on Thanksgiving night was he was shoeless when he plowed his Escalade into a tree.

Jayson Williams Robbed Of Tiger Woods Shoes

Okay, it was amusing to most of us, but probably not Jayson Williams. Like Woods, Williams is also facing a financial hit for plowing his own SUV into a tree. His shoes, as far as I know, had nothing to do with the accident. But Tiger Woods shoes could (somehow) cause even more financial damage to the Williams (estranged) family.

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My Buzzkill: Limo, Strippers, Booze & NFL Players

I’ve pretty much lost interest in Jayson Williams‘ inevitable death spiral but then there’s this from Rush & Molloy at the NEW YORK DAILY NEWS:

Stripper in a limo

(Sports radio promo guys: Don’t even THINK about it)

Former Scores owner Elliot Osher tells us Williams once invited Osher’s late brother, Billy, and a bunch of the staff from his strip emporium to go club-hopping. Osher recalls Billy called him in a panic.

According to Osher, Billy said the crew was riding around in the limo when Williams unzipped his trousers and got intimate with himself. “There were no girls there,” says Osher.

“[Jayson] says, ‘This is cool, right? Come on guys, don’t worry about it. I’m not gay!’” Osher, who’s writing a memoir, says his bro jumped out of that limo. Williams’ lawyer, Joseph Hayden, didn’t return calls.

Okay, not that interesting either. But reminds me of when I worked as a Program Director of a sports radio station in Kansas City in the late ’90s - and the time we did a contest to select promo girls for the station.

The promotions director at the station decided it’d be a great idea to round up a bunch of strippers as ringers for the contest. He then invited several KC Chiefs and KC Royals as celebrity judges. The players I can remember for the Chiefs were Andre Rison and former USC receiver Larry Parker. Mike Sweeney from the Royals was also in attendance, though dude is a god-squadder who fled the scene almost immediately.

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Photos Allegedly of Jayson Williams Before Arrest

StalkingStevePhillips.com has photos it claims are of Jayson Williams taken last night before Williams was involved in a one-car accident:

Jayson Williams

Our source claims to have seen Williams at Aces and 8’s drinking with a group of college kids. He was friendly and taking photos (more seen below.) Our source also claims that a member of his party purchased Williams at least 3 shots of Jameson.

TMZ.com is also reporting there is video of Williams last night driving the SUV in which he was charged with DWI early this morning.

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Jayson Williams Killed Dog, Threatened Schintzius

Long before Jayson Williams’ life devolved into the violent, mentally ill horror show it appears to be today, and long before he pulled the trigger on the shotgun that killed limo driver Gus Christofi in 2002, the ex-NBA forward has had a long and complicated relationship with violence and weapons. Despite a pre-shooting reputation as a gregarious character who raised millions for charity, the dark side of Jayson Williams popped out throughout his college and NBA career - bar fights, gun mishaps, assault charges, etc.

Jayson Williams rottweiler Dwayne Schintzius

Most of them could be shrugged off at the time as the immature revelry of a careless pro athlete; plenty of his coworkers had been down that road before. But yesterday, when former NBA player Dwayne Schintzius joined sports radio station WDAE 620 in Tampa, he told a horrific story about his former teammate that suggests it’s almost a miracle Christofi has been the only person to die at Williams’ hand.

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Erin Andrews Gets Caught In A Cosby Sandwich

Erin Andrews spends the NFL Draft surrounded by Cosbys (Quan & Dr. Bill, respectively), and hilarity ensues.

Erin Andrews Bill Cosby Quan Cosby

(Can’t you just feel the excitement?)

Jacoby Ellsbury steals home, Red Sox steal three straight from Yankees.

• It seems that NASCAR won’t be happy until somebody gets killed.

• Beer pong? Budweiser wants in on the upcoming table tennis craze.

Kobe wanted complete creative control over Spike Lee’s day-in-the-life documentary about him.

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Jayson Williams Goes Berserk In New York Hotel

Remember Jayson Williams, the former New Jersey Nets forward who shot and killed a limo driver back in 2002? Well, it turns out he was never convicted for it (thanks to a hung jury), and has been living his life quietly while waiting for a retrial on second-degree manslaughter charges. Who knew?

Jayson Williams Tanya Williams

As it turns out, living life with the guilt of killing people and the specter of an impending manslaugter trial doesn’t necessarily make for all fun and games, no matter what the OJ Simpson saga would lead you to believe. In fact, if you’re Jayson Williams, living such a life leads to barricading yourself in a New York hotel early this morning and threatening to kill yourself. Say what you will about OJ, but playing golf seems like a better outlet for post-killing frustrations.

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Jayson Williams Faked Suicide & Stomach Cancer?

As a public service, TMZ takes the time to gives a full update on one of the truly good guys in sports: Jayson Williams. After being acquitted of murdering his chauffeur (he’ll soon be retried), you’d think Williams would try to lead a quiet life as he prepares for that future, protracted court battle.

Jayson Williams Tanya Williams

But, if you believe Williams’ wife Tanya, that apparently isn’t the case. Read more…

Blog-O-Rama: Who Cares if the Cold War’s Over?

  • COED keeps the Cold War alive with pom-poms, spandex and flexible females with their Cold War Cheerleader Challenge.

    Cheerleader Cold War

  • Is that a “W” next to Carl Pavano’s name in the box score? MY PINSTRIPES thinks that it was all a dream.
  • Former New Jersey Nets forward Jayson Williams may or may not have shot his limo driver but he definitely butchered his kids’ names - Whizdom and Tryumph. HOLLYWIRE has more examples of what happens when celebrities are given free range to name their children.
  • WIRED takes a look at the Olympic Village that didn’t cost $40 billion, just 300,000 Lego blocks. Photo after the jump. Read more…

NBA Exodus Continues, Williams To Israel League?

The exodus of mid-level NBA free agents to pro leagues around the globe continues, as THE MIAMI HERALD is reporting that Jason Williams is considering signing a deal with an Israeli League team. But apparently he’s having trouble coming to terms - most Israeli teams are offering around $1.5 million a year, about what NBA teams were offering and half of what White Chocolate expects.

Jason Williams Heat

I think you can join me in praying that there’s a way to make this work. Other than Ron Artest, I can’t think of another NBA player with the higher comedic potential when heading off to Israel to play pro basketball than Jason Williams.

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Celebrity Injustice Will Prevail In Michael Vick Dog Abuse Trial

CELEBRITY (IN)JUSTICE WILL PRESIDE OVER VICK’S TRIAL: To the dozens of overheated cranks who emailed us about our assertation that Michael Vick will never see the inside of a cell block, we’re well aware that Vick is facing Federal charges and that those charges are considerably more serious than those Qyntel Woods faced.

Michael Vick

Our opinion was in no way based on the evidence at hand. Instead, it is the demographic makeup of the jury which will determine the outcome of the trial. And based on the jury pool available in Richmond, VA., what demographic do you think will be sitting in the jury box? And do you think those Virginians will be admirers of Hokie hero Vick?

Michael Vick

Also, we all know the impressive conviction record of Federal prosecutors, who enjoy a 90%+ success rate. But in this case, what portion of our celebrity obssessed population does Michael Vick represent? Like it or not, the NFL star resides in the our society’s most-protected class.

Jayson Williams

If evidence in celebrity court cases was important, O.J. Simpson, Jayson Williams, Robert Blake wouldn’t be walking amongst us. We’re as disgusted as anyone with Vick’s criminal activities, but that won’t change the nature of our broken legal system.