Chuck, How Do You Get “Used” By a Porn Star?

A couple of weeks ago we brought you the offensive comments that UFC’s Dana White made about a female reporter on his video blog…just before it hit the mainstream media.

chuck liddell

Well, add Chuck Liddell to the list of people now coming to White’s defense. In a conversation with CAGEWRITER, Liddell said that White doesn’t hate women or gays, and that he’s just a guy without a filter. Although that wasn’t the biggest news in the interview. Liddell responded for the first time publicly to pictures that were posted a while back of him looking rather comfortable with porn star Jayden James at time when Liddell was supposedly engaged to another woman.

Let’s just say Chuck isn’t engaged anymore, but he also has some rather unkind words for Jayden, too. Video after the jump.

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