Jay Not So Touch Feely About Chris Henry Death

Prodigious Twitter.com account holder Jay Feely Tweeted this after Chris Henry’s death was announced today:

Jay Feely Tweet About Chris Henry's Death

(Jay: How’s the air up that high (and mighty)?)

Probably not the best way to express himself at that moment. But don’t take my word for it.

Feely then followed with the obligatory backpedal. Sorta. Read more…

Peyton Manning Looks Average In 34-14 Loss

Typing that headline above was difficult, because I don’t think even the first half has ever been said by anybody ever. Peyton Manning is not average. He is not human. He’s still the guy who had the record for most passing TDs for a few years before last season’s ridiculousness that was Tom Brady and the Patriots*. And yet there he was at Lambeau today, throwing for 229 yards and two touchdowns. The teensy eensy problem with that line is that those touchdowns were for Green Bay, who slapped the Colts around and led by as many as 27 points up until garbage time. 34-14 is your final.

Aaron Rouse says wheeeeee

Yes, the Green Bay offense only outscored Indianapolis‘ offense by a count of 20-14, but the rest of the stats confirm the domination. Green Bay racked up 23 first downs, punted all of twice today (both boomed for touchbacks), and kept the ball for over 33 minutes, tiring a Colts defense that obviously misses reigning Defensive POY Bob Sanders.

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Dolphin Uses Blog Comments To Dispute Reporter

The kicker has evolved more than any other position player in the history of the NFL. Once an afterthought on teams, kickers are now specialists who take up their own spot on the roster despite performing on only a handful of plays per game.

Jay Feely Dolphins kicker

Kickers have also rarely been outspoken, until of late. We’ve all enjoyed now-ex-NFLer Mike Vanderjagt’s unfortunate outbursts, and thankfully we’re now blessed with Miami Dolphin PK Jay Feely.

As noted on SbB recently, Feely was recently told by the Dolphins to pipe down when it comes to comments to the media. Apparently though, that didn’t cover commenting on blog posts by Dolphins reporter Armando Salguero in the MIAMI HERALD. Read more…

Dolphins Kicker Feely Feeling the Taylor Treatment

Dolphins management doesn’t want to go through another Jason Taylor fiasco, so Bill Parcells & Jeff Ireland are informing their players to keep their minds on football and their mouths closed.

And which brash, celebrity-minded Miami roster-seeker is the biggest cause of Bill & Jeff’s concern?

Jay Feely Dolphins kicker

Would you believe kicker Jay Feely?

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