The Detroit Lions Don’t Have To Make The 1st Pick

With the NFL Draft approaching, the Detroit Lions are still looking to trade the first pick but aren’t finding any takers, and aren’t likely to. It’s not that they aren’t interested in Georgia quarterback Matthew Stafford, it’s just that they would rather trade down and take him because quarterbacks are expensive enough, but when you take them number one overall they get really expensive.

Considering that the position is the hardest to predict success for in the NFL, it’s a lot of money to invest in a player that’s more likely to be a bust than a success. So what can they do? Do they just pass on Stafford and take a safer pick? They could, but that would be a bit of a cop out. No, if the Lions have balls they’ll just opt not to pick anybody.

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Flyers Pose w/Porn Star; A-Rod Bahamas-Bound

• A few Philly Flyers pose for some photos with porn star Gina Lynn.

Gina Lynn and Joffrey Lupul

• What do you do when the whole world’s on your case for lying about steroids? Head to the Bahamas with two hot chicks, that’s what!

Tyler Hansbrough may have defeated Duke four straight times, but he can’t beat the Blue Devils fans’ majestic mockery of him.

• NBA players Nene & Jason Smith get involved with a sister act.

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Sisters Apparently Have A Thing For NBA Players

There are four pairs of siblings playing in the NBA. The Collinses, The Gasols, The Grahams, and of course, the Lopez sisters. They could soon be joined by a fourth: Jason Smith and Nene. A-whuh?!

Nene and Lauren Prothe

Many parents push their kids into becoming professional athletes. The Prothe family of Fort Collins, Colo., apparently pushes their girls into dating them. And with Lauren Prothe set to wed Nene this weekend, and Ashley Prothe living with her boyfriend Smith, they’re not too far off from being one big, happy, tall family.

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Baylor Player Might Regret Predicting Win Over OU

You would think that having never beaten another team in 17 attempts would be enough to keep a team from getting too cocky. Or the fact that the other team is the No. 1 team in the nation, while you are 2-2 and have lost 12 straight conference games.

Oklahoma Sooners vs. Baylor Bears

But try telling that to Baylor tackle Jason Smith - as he told the FORT WORTH STAR-TELEGRAM, he’s already thinking about what defeating Oklahoma will mean to the Bears:

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Positive ID On Philly 76er ‘Attacked’ By Sex Worker

Thank god for the investigative journalism skills of Dan Gross of the PHILADELPHIA DAILY NEWS. Yesterday, the NEW YORK POST reported on an anonymous Philly 76er who balloon-implanted sex worker Mary Careywrapped her legs around and made out with in front of clubgoers.

Mary Carey Jason Smith

It’s kinda embarrassing for said player, since Gross also reports that he said he was a “fan” of her movies and told her she was a “goddess.” Ugh. Read more…