Bosworth Saves Lives; Marino Out of “Inside” Job

Dan Patrick & Keith Olbermann - together again, Sundays this fall on NBC!

Brian Bosworth is back in the news, and it’s for a noble deed indeed.

Brian Bosworth Seahawks helmet backward

• Those appearing on Showtime’s new version of “Inside the NFL”, please step forward. Whoa, not so fast, Dan Marino.

Chipper Jones apparently isn’t well known in “American Idol” circles.

Lou Holtz’s friendship with the dearly(?) departed Jesse Helms may have cost the coach his Arkansas job.

Jason Peter’s new book details a football life of drugs, hookers and attempted suicide - which makes for some great summer reading!

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Peter’s Book Excerpts: Cocaine, Heroin, Hookers

As documented on SbB some time ago, former Nebraska defensive tackle Jason Peter has experienced the monumental highs and tragic lows on the athlete career spectrum. He was a college All-American and national champion, a first round NFL draft pick, but addictions to painkillers, cocaine, and heroin ruined his promising career. Not to mention brothels running out of women for him.

Excerpts of Peter’s book “Hero of the Underground” are now out, with one passage noting that life at Nebraska for him started out innocently enough.

And the girls! Oh Christ, they were like something from some cheerleader sex fantasy. Agape I watched them with their blond hair tied back, their impossibly long legs, their ice-blue and emerald-green eyes, and their dazzling, perfect teeth, I noted the way that they fell over themselves to get close to the football guys who treated them with calculated indifference, and I realized that to get onto the team at Nebraska was to get all-areas access to the best parties, the best girls, the American f—— dream.

The dream became a nightmare of drugs and hookers after Peter was injured in the NFL. Read more…

Stabler Can’t Slither Out of DUI; Peter Plows Plenty

Jerry Buss would have come to Boston, but he had a really good hand.

Kenny Stabler tried to slither his way out of a DUI arrest.

Ken Stabler then and now

(The Snake - then & now)

Jason Peter is too much man for one Manhattan brothel.

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar has trouble getting into the Garden.

Michael Strahan says he’s sailing off into the sunset. Sure he is.

Queen Elizabeth’s granddaughter gallops off to the Olympics.

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‘Brothel Ran Out Of Girls’ For Ex-Panther Peter

Former first-round draft pick Jason Peter only played four seasons in the NFL, but it’s his exploits off the field that are so remarkable.

Jason Peter Nebraska Cornhuskers Carolina Panthers

Peter’s playing-days memoir, Hero of the Underground, will appear in stores next month. But this book deals less with the thrill of victory as much as the thrill of wasting millions of dollars on drugs and sex. It also raises questions about the effectiveness of the NFL’s drug policy, not to mention how Peter could do so much damage to his body and still be alive. Read more…