CBC Broadcasts Toronto Raptors Game in Punjabi

The CBC’s experiment with Hockey Night in Canada broadcasts in Punjabi (the fourth-most spoken language in Canada) proved to be so popular that the CBC assigned the same broadcast team (Parminder Singh and Harnarayan Singh) to the second-most popular losing team in Toronto.

Parminder Singh and Harnarayan Singh, Punjabi announcers

Therefore, the Toronto Raptors pounded the snot out of the L.A. Clippers 100-76 Sunday night while being announced in English and Punjabi (but not French), connecting Northern Indian and Pakistani immigrants with their countrymen in one common goal: shouting, “Pass the damned ball, Shawn Marion!”

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The Raptors Would Rather Be Pinched Than Celtic

Apparently, the Toronto Raptors’ players just don’t appreciate what David Stern does every day to feed and clothe them.  He works his fingers to the bone to provide for all his players, big and small.  And do you hear him complain? No. He does it out of love. And how do the Raptors pay him back?

Toronto Raptors and their green jerseys

They complain about the way he’s clothing them.   “Waaah… we don’t want to dress like the Celtics just because it’s St. Patrick’s Day.  We’re our own team.  We’re all, ‘Grr!  We’re raptors!  We’re mean and we eat lawyers and stuff!’”

Look, Commisioner Stern means the best for you.  If that means wearing the 87th alternate jersey of the season to make more money for YOUR salary cap (but mostly for the owners), you’ll do it!

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Blog-O-Rama: Tony Romo Takes It To The Stage

• GIRLS GONE SPORTS won’t stop believing Tony Romo has talent, as the Cowboys QB hits the stage with Jessica & some metal band:

Tony Romo sings

• FOOD COURT LUNCH learns of a former CFL player found shot to death - and surprisingly it’s not Lawrence Phillips.

• WITH LEATHER is going to stay off the bikes for a while.

• MJD of YAHOO SPORTS bowls a few mini-frames with Matt Leinart.

• SPORTS ILLUSTRATED rolls out a casting call for “Super Bowl XLII: The Movie“:

Haley Joel Osment Eli Manning

Starring Haley Joel Osment as Eli Manning.

• Darren Rovell of CNBC has one bet the Super Bowl oddsmakers forgot to put on the board - Will Bill Belichick wear his hoodie?

• Speaking of Vegas, THE SCORES REPORT thanks God - at 5-to-2 odds.

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