Chris Long Much Closer To Scoring Jared’s Porn

Terry Lefton of SPORTS BUSINESS DAILY points us to promotion by Subway that will definitely appeal to the masses trolling for internet porn who enjoy whiling away the day on the web. Oh yeah, and Chris Long fans!:

Jared Fogle Of Subway Sold Porn In College

(Indulge us, we just can’t get enough of this story)

Top NFL Draft prospect DE Chris Long has signed a deal with Subway that has him appearing in 15 Webisodes on around the NFL Draft. Long also will make appearances for the restaurant chain. In some of the Webisodes, produced by Source Communications, Long shows Subway icon Jared Fogle how to attain “NFL shape.”

Jared Fogle Of Subway Hand Sanitizer Free

(Lost opp: Subway webisode could’ve featured Long as Purell endorser)

What you (and Chris Long) probably know: Jared (allegedly) used to sell porn in college.

What you (and Chris Long) probably don’t know: Jared (allegedly) used that experience as inspiration to develop the sweet onion sauce they slather on Subway’s mutant chicken subs. Read more…