School Janitor Has Nude Cheerleader Phone Pics?

You know the Willie Nelson song, “Mama Don’t Let Your Babies Grow Up To Be Cowboys”? Well, maybe he should write a sequel, “Mama, Don’t Let Your Daughters Grow Up To Be Cheerleaders”. Almost every day, another scandal surrounding cheerleaders and naked cell phone photos. The more disturbing twist today is that said photos were found on the cell phone of a middle school janitor.

cheerleaders cell phone

(Note to cheerleaders: Stop doing this!)

The man in question is one Steven Decimone, a janitor at Harding Middle School in Jefferson Couty, Ohio, just across the West Virginia border (big shock there, right?). According to the West Virginia paper THE STATE JOURNAL, Decimone is about to get better acquainted with bright orange jumpsuits because his cell phone was found to have naked photos of four topless, middle school cheerleaders.

As we mentioned before, this isn’t the first time that topless cheerleader photos have popped up on cell phones. Far from it. The difference is that this is the first time those cheerleaders have still been in middle school (i.e., 11-13 years old) and this is the first time said pictures have been found on a janitor’s cell phone.

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Fridge Gets Repairs; Griffey HR Grabber Homeless

One by one, the SbB Girls are slowly taking over the media landscape.

William “Refrigerator” Perry had to be brought in for maintenance.

William Refrigerator Perry

• See what happens when you bite & punch kids just to grab a Ken Griffey Jr. home run ball? You wind up on the streets.

Michael Irvin’s house is a very, very, very fine house.

Geddy Lee Rushes to Kansas City to give some special autographed gifts to the Negro Leagues Museum.

• One EliteXC fighter wasn’t so impressed with Kimbo Slice’s primetime debut.

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Janet Evans Buffs Up for New Goal: Reality TV

Olympic gold-medalist swimmer Janet Evans has been working intensely in the gym for the last two months: 35 hours a week of immersive training and brutal workouts to get herself in shape for this summer’s showcase event on NBC. Evans herself said, “I wanted to prove to myself that I could be an athlete out of the water.”

Janet Evans

And so she shall when she takes on the ultimate athletic test: attempting circus tricks in “Celebrity Circus“, a judged reality show competition against such athletic greats as Wee Man, Christopher Knight, and Antonio Sabato, Jr.… wait, what? Did Jason Taylor forget to charge his cell phone again?

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