Unsanctioned High School MMA? That’s A Lawsuit

One of the few problems MMA faces in gaining acceptance among American culture is that it’s, to the untrained eye, virtually indistinguishable from a common brawl. “Okay,” the person thinks, “they’re just taking swings at each other with their shirts off. And now one of them is bleeding so game over.” There’s plenty more to the sport, of course, just like there’s more to football than people running into each other and falling over, but it takes a modicum of knowledge that not everybody has - especially if you want to do it on your own.

High School MMA
(Note: this would be the correct way to introduce MMA to your high schoolers.)

And speaking of people who don’t usually know nearly as much about things as they think they do, high schoolers! In this instance, it’s students at Blue Springs, Missouri (a suburb of Kansas City, and hometown of NFL tailback Ladell Betts). Their usual wrestling practice had been canceled, but some wrestlers had shown up anyway, and sayyyy, here’s some MMA gloves! What could go wrong?

Plenty, as it turns out; especially if one student’s mouth gets wrecked… while an assistant coach looks on and cheers. Oh, and there’s video.

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