Boozing it up w/Bud Benefits the Rainbow Warriors

• Drinking beer helps support Hawaii athletics. Booze it up for the ‘Bows!

Hawaii Warriors mascot Pipeline Porter beer

T.O. would happily welcome Jessica Simpson back to Cowboys games.

James Posey’s hustle to the Hornets made for an uncomfortable Celtics DVD screening. But at least he kept his pants on.

Quinton Jackson goes on two Rampages in just one week.

• Is the broadcasting world ready for a 24-hour Cubs channel?

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Posey ‘Awkardly’ Pushed C’s DVD Day Before Bolt

Just a day before deciding to ink a free agent contract with the New Orleans Hornets, forward James Posey was with Eddie House, signing copies of the Celtics’ championship DVD. “Awkward” doesn’t begin to describe that particular situation.

Eddie House and James Posey

The BOSTON GLOBE’S Celtics blog takes some notes from the AP, and let’s just say that the vibe of Posey possibly leaving was in the air.

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Posey Says So Long To Celtics, Heads For Hornets

The New Orleans Hornets want some NBA championship jewelry. Since they haven’t won any rings yet on their own, their doing the next best thing by bringing in a guy who already owns a couple.

James Posey Celtics book

ESPN & the BOSTON HERALD both report that Celtics forward James Posey has signed a 4-year deal to be ballin’ in the Bayou. Read more…

Benny The Bull’s Got a Gun; Celtics On The Run

Benny the Bull, 37, was accused of gun violence by Kevin Garnett & James Posey of the Boston Celtics Tuesday at the United Center in Chicago. The Bull, who has a criminal record, allegedly stepped behind Garnett and Posey during a timeout in the fourth quarter and fired his T-shirt gun into the backs of both men.

Benny the Bull

(Benny the Bull considering his next meal)

I felt threatened. They already don’t like me here already,” said Posey. Garnett, a Chicago native, still has affection in the city but felt the need to intervene on both men’s behalf. “We exchanged words,” confirmed Garnett.
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