NYK Dolan-Owned Outlet Reports LeBron To Miami

Suddenly the star reporter of the LeBron James saga is New York Knicks beat writer Alan Hahn of NEWSDAY, who by all accounts is a quality journalist.

James Dolan Owns Knicks and NewsDay

Hahn in the past 18 hours has broken the main media’s two most-cited LeBron James developments:

1) James is holding his “Decision” show in Greenwich.
2) James is going to Miami.

Previous to those scoops, Hahn hadn’t been at the forefront of the reporting of the much-followed story.

Though what makes Hahn’s late-in-the-game scoopage so interesting isn’t what he’s reporting, but who his boss is. Read more…

Stephon Marbury Does Not Heart New York At All

Yesterday we learned about Brandon Marshall’s feelings for Denver and how he hates that “f***ing city“. Now today we learn of another disgruntled athlete and his lack of love for the place he had to play in the last few years.

Stephon Marbury will hit the free agent market today along with plenty of other NBA players, and though he’s not going to be as hot a commodity as most of the others he does have some advice for anybody considering the New York Knicks. That advice basically being to slap yourself in the face and think again.

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Brog: NYK Owner Advertises Band With Google Ad

Employee harassment? Irresponsible spending? Laughably delusional behavior? Yep, that’s James Dolan for you. New York Knicks owner Certifiable insane band member.

JD & The Straight Shot

(James Dolan’s debut album, “The Strange Case Of The Missing Jowl,” features Isiah Thomas earning his personal services’ back pay on washboard)

I was unable to sleep Monday night, so, like all of you every night I’m sure, I just sat on SbB, refreshing over & over & over - until this ad came up (728X90 banner above): “JD & The Straight Shot - Click here to listen now!

For some reason, “JD & The Straight Shot” rang a bell. After a quick search, it turns out it’s the “band” fronted by the owner of the New York Knicks and Madison Square Garden, James “veneers gone wrong” Dolan.

The last time I was in New York, I had dinner with a guy who knew both Dolan and some of the members of the “band.” He said that apparently most of the poor saps in the group hated “J.D.”, but were afraid to leave the band for fear of losing their jobs (some of them apparently worked for Dolan - or had biz interests with him - which is unconfirmed).

(At least Dolan’s opening act is entertaining. Oh, wait.)

Despite the fact that Dolan’s album sales probably number somewhere between Zach Randolph’s 3-point FG shooting percentage and Nate Robinson’s jersey number, he flies his band to gigs in his private jet and torches heaping piles o’ money recording albums in studios made famous by some of the greatest musicians of all time.

Yep, Dolan (allegedly) recording at Eric Clapton’s 461 Ocean Boulevard studio is almost as bad as the Knicks playing at MSG. Not quite though.

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Isiah Still On NYK Payroll But Barred From Players

Isiah Thomas has not been much of a coach. Or general manager. Or league owner. Or popcorn salesman. Or human being. Fair enough. Still, we don’t wish his current situation on anyone:

Isiah Thomas

By Donnie Walsh edict, Thomas isn’t allowed to have any contact with the Knicks players. No chatting, no eye contact, no sharing the same airspace. If he wants his checks, he’ll steer clear. And there’s plenty of checks left: he still has multiple years left on that contract at millions of dollars per.
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Fans To Nosh At The Knicks’ Home Finale For Free

The NEW YORK POST’s PAGE SIX munches on news that the Knicks will be offering free food at their last home game of the season.

Knicks grocery cart

(Free Food Night at MSG on April 14 - B.Y.O. Can Opener)

Seems like a great idea to get spectators into Madison Square Garden, since the on-court action isn’t helping. However, the April 14 game against the Boston Celtics was pretty much a guaranteed sellout even before the announcement of free vittles.

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Dolan “Knows Coaching Change Must Be Made”

The NEW YORK DAILY NEWS reports today that the strange, supernatural powers employed by Isiah Thomas to ward off unemployment are weakening. The Knicks’ prematurely jowel-impaired owner, James Dolan, has apparently decided that since the media and fans have grown weary of calling for I.T.’s departure, he will now forcibly remove the NYK’s coach.

James Dolan

Excerpt: “Garden chairman James Dolan recently told confidants that he knows a coaching change must be made and that he is preparing to do just that, according to a source close to Dolan. No timetable was given, but the source indicated that Dolan is leaning toward making a change before the end of the season.”

Dolan, who gave Thomas a multi-year contract extension last year, didn’t make the move during Thomas’ sex harassment case precisely because everyone around him wanted him too. Likewise since the Knicks have stumbled to a 9-26 record under Thomas. But now that fan rage is slowly dissipating into apathy and disinterest, Dolan will fire the man he showed so much undeserved confidence in over the past four years.

The whole sordid scenario is about Dolan mitigating his own personal embarrassment. If he really cared about the team and the fans, he would’ve offed Thomas at the end of last season. Or earlier.

Lee, Rock, Sharpton Show Their Support For Isiah

The NEW YORK TIMES notes that not everyone wants Isiah Thomas kicked from the Knicks:

Al Sharpton Spike Lee Chris Rock

During New York’s latest loss to the Lakers, Spike Lee, Chris Rock, and Al Sharpton all spoke of their support for the scandalized coach.

Lee wants the team to Do The Right Thing and hold on to Thomas: “I don’t think Isiah should be fired. Not now.”

Meanwhile, Rock doesn’t want Knicks owner James Dolan to play Scrooge: “I’m not calling for anybody to lose their job, especially around Christmas.”

(Tell that to Scott Skiles.)

And Sharpton made this comparison: “Let me ask you this: The Secretary General of the U.N. was sitting near me. Do we fire him because we don’t have world peace? I mean, come on.”

Al Sharpton mic point

Besides, if the Knicks do ice Isiah, we’re sure the good reverend will hold rallies and call for boycotts. He’s gotta stay in the public eye, you know.

Despite the on-and-off-court-woes, the Times points out that the Knicks are still the NBA’s most valuable franchise, worth over $600 million. Even though the team hasn’t had a winning season since 2000-01, the Knickerbockers still managed to take in almost $200 million in revenues last year.

Knicks fans protest

While the Knicks’ struggles may be upsetting the fans, it’s not keeping them from Madison Square Garden.

One fan had railed, “When a team is not performing well in a market as big as New York, it’s unacceptable.” But when asked if he would stop going to the games, he quickly answered, “No, absolutely not.”

Seems like the Knicks have adopted the Cubs’ business model.

Cuban Tells Knicks Owner Not To Let Fans Ferocity Get To Him

CUBAN COUNSELS KNICKS OWNER TO NIX MSG NEGATIVITY: As the New York Knicks turn into a circus sideshow, team owner James Dolan has one ally on his side - Mark Cuban:

James Dolan Mark Cuban

The NEW YORK POST dances over news that the Mavericks maven has a sympathetic ear for Dolan’s distractions.As the Madison Square Garden crowds chant louder and louder for Isiah Thomas’ termination, Cuban suggests Dolan not listen too closely to such opinions: “If I let (the fans) general manage, I’d be a bigger idiot than people already think I am.”

Isiah Thomas hate shirt

But Mark does maintain the voracious vocal stylings from frustrated fans does have its merits: “If people care enough to chant, to come to the games and chant, that means they’re passionate, and that’s a good thing.”When it does come to supporters’ suggestions, Cuban knows what to listen for: “The feedback I get from the fans, I don’t use as consulting for general-managing activities.

JR Ewing Dallas beer

“The feedback I pay attention to from the fans is, ‘Are the hot dogs hot, is the beer cold, are sightlines good, are you being treated with professionalism and courtesy?’ That’s what I want to know from the fans.”