Here’s My Insurance Card And A Knuckle Sandwich

I think we know by this point that nothing good ever happens in a college town at 2:30 a.m. The best that you’re going to find is some engineering student desperately cramming for a test the next morning, and more likely than not there’s nothing but high jinx, tomfoolery, insipidity and God knows what else going on.

Jamar Hornsby

So when a trouble magnet like former Florida football player Jamar Hornsby - kicked off the Gators after stealing a dead student’s credit card - is out at 2:30 a.m., all bets are definitely off. The STARKSVILLE DAILY NEWS reports that Hornsby’s blown the second chance offered to him by Ole Miss, as Houston Nutt booted him on Friday following his indictment on charges stemming from a March 1 fight at a McDonald’s parking lot.

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Erin Andrews Always Uses Protection At Games

• Please don’t bother Erin Andrews while she’s trying to work  - or her Bristol-based bodyguards will beat you up.

Erin Andrews

(”If you come even this close to me, my boys will snap your neck.“)

• Yardbarker’s Dewey Hammond gets all choked up meeting MMA fighter Frank Shamrock.

• An ex-Florida Gator who swiped a dead woman’s credit card is charging toward a spot on the Ole Miss roster.

• The Massillon Tigers get their own 80,000-square foot indoor football practice facility. Did we mention that Massillon is a high school in Ohio?

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Ole Miss Hones In On Credit Card Grave Robber

Do you know how hard it is to get kicked out of a Florida university for disciplinary issues? Jamar Hornsby managed the trick nicely by swiping a dead woman’s credit card when he helped the woman’s boyfriend clear out her apartment the day after her death. But this is big-time college football, where there’s always a place for you if you can play.

Jamar Hornsby

Hornsby is interested in transferring to Mississippi, where he “can come in and play right away.”  It’s a step up from East Central Community College, where he’s been playing this season. Just remember, Jamar, when you’re signing those receipts, “Nutt” has two Ts.

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Gator Hornsby Escapes Nagging Credit Card Death

The GAINESVILLE SUN reports today that “Jamar Hornsby, a University of Florida football player, was released on his own recognizance after turning himself in Friday morning on charges of credit card theft and fraudulent use of a credit card.

Jamar Hornsby

Hornsby, 21, was allegedly using a credit card issued to Ashley Slonina, a University of Florida student who died in an October 2007 motorcycle accident in which walk-on UF football player, Michael Guilford, also died.Read more…