Could Sprinter Bolt Make It In NFL As A Wideout?

Now that Usain Bolt has conquered running in a circle — both individually and as part of a team — it’s time to expand his horizons. A McNugget’s sponsorship deal seems obvious, but maybe Bolt should also consider new career opportunities, too.

Usain Bolt, NFL

The DALLAS MORNING NEWS’ Tim MacMahon thinks that the world’s fastest man, at 21 years old and 6-5, sounds like an NFL wide receiver (try to overlook the fact that he weighs a buck-thirty). He calls Bolt a “taller, faster version of should-be Hall of Famer Bullet Bob Hayes“:

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Texas Tech Coach Jonesin’ For Jamaican Speed

It’s fall, almost, which means it’s time to once again make a big deal out of SEC (or, as Orson at EDSBS would say, ESS EEC SEE) speed. Are southern athletes the fastest in the world? Why can’t the Big Ten catch up? Is this a myth propagated by those dealing in barely concealed stereotypes? Only you can decide.

In the meantime, Texas Tech coach Mike Leach wants him some of that southern speed. Since the Olympics, he’s discovered a whole new frontier to get it: Jamaica.

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Usain Bolt Gets Fast Fuel From Chicken Nuggets

Without spoiling any primetime Olympic goodness, it is our pleasure to report that Usain Bolt did, in fact, win the 200-meter sprint today, and did, in fact, set a world record time in the process. The leaked video — it has since disappeared, of course — showed Usain so far out in front of the field he looked less like a sprinter and more like a marathoner.

Fortunately, Bolt was just as impressive as after the race, and Agent Steinz of D.C. SPORTS BOG was there to capture some of the madness: Read more…