Ex-Eagle Makes A Run For The Border - On Patrol

• Former Philly Eagle Jamaal Green goes from prowling along the sidelines to prowling along the Mexican border.

Jamaal Green Border Patrol

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Ex-NFLer’s New Job Is With The U.S. Border Patrol

Jamaal Green has gone from patrolling the line of scrimmage to patrolling the US-Mexican border. A former DE standout at The U, Green had his cup of coffee in the NFL but decided it wasn’t for him. What was for him was standing in the desert in 100-degree heat in El Paso, Texas, watching for border jumpers.

Jamaal Green

(Green practicing taking down drug runners on poor Marc Bulger.)

Perhaps not the most common career path for Green, who admits he didn’t idolize athletes growing up but rather “looked up to law enforcement officers as heroes.” But he seems happy. Unlike those who see his 260 lb. frame coming towards them in the course of his job.

Still it begs the question: how did Green get here?

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