Racist Tweets Directed At Jacory Harris Found

Sunday the MIAMI HERALD reported that in the recent aftermath of Univ. of Miami football coach Randy Shannon banning Hurricane players from Twitter use, UM quarterback Jacory Harris indicated that he had been the target of a “racially charged hate message.”

Racist Hate Messages Sent To Jacory Harris By George Diaz Motown305

Harris told the Herald and other South Florida media outlets Sunday that after Miami lost at Ohio State a week ago, he was “hurt” and “disheartened” by a Tweet directed to his Twitter account that claimed Hurricane fans “don’t want a black quarterback” at UM.


“I guess that was the one I picked to read and it was just the wrong one.’ I told myself right after the game, I was like, `Don’t look at it.’ But you see some things and you get kind of hurt because sometimes it’s your fans that say the things and they’ll be the ones that probably just before the game wrote you some encouraging message, and then after the game say that they don’t want a black quarterback here. Stuff like that, so it’s cool.”

Today WFTL-AM sports radio host Andy Slater reported that he had found the account of the person who directed the aforementioned racist message at Harris on Sept. 11. Read more…

Photos: Jacory Sweater Vest; Shockey’s C-Busted

Jacory Harris ditches the shirtless Raider overalls for the Jim Tressel sweater vest as he gets off the bus in Columbus outside Ohio Stadium today:

Jacory Harris rocking the sweater vest in Columbus

Jeremy Shockey tailgating before the game:

Jeremy Shockey tailgating in Columbus

Maurice Clarett not tailgating before the game: Read more…

Class At The U.: Jacory’s Shirtless Raider Overalls

Miami quarterback Jacory Harris Tweeted this photo of himself today.

Jacory Harris Oakland Raiders Overalls To Class At Miami

Along with the photo, Harris wrote, “Going to class with an Oakland raiders snap back, no shirt, with the Oakland raiders overalls! Fly!!!!!! I’m me!!

‘Canes Develop Unhealthy SpongeBob Fascination

A couple weeks ago, Miami head coach Randy Shannon encouraged his players to avoid watching ESPN or any other coverage of their season, believing any positive press would serve little more purpose than as a distraction. Wunderquarterbacken Jacory Harris took things a step further, telling his teammates to only watch SpongeBob SquarePants, believing that if their hype hit that show, only then would it have been deserved*.

SpongeBob SquarePants U Miami
(Oh, it’s on.)

Well, one semi-innocuous comment later, things have pretty much flown off the rails. The inimitable 7TH FLOOR BLOG was on the story from the start, but the fad has spread to unlikely sources, including what might be the worst newspaper article we’ve ever seen.

Read more…

‘Canes QB Questions Tim Tebow’s Virginity Claims

You have to respect Tim Tebow’s decision to admit that he’s still a virgin. It can be very difficult for a superstar Heisman-winning college quarterback to resist the sordid temptations of the fairer sex - i.e. get it on with the girls. Especially at such an institution like the University of Florida, alma mater of such notable ladies like ESPN’s Erin Andrews and Playboy playmate Kelly Hemberger Carrington.

Jacory Harris Tim Tebow

(“It’s fun to stay at the YYYYYY-M-C-A…”)

But Tebow’s admission shows what a strong character he is, how he won’t let such desires distract from his football duties, how he steadfastly supports the sanctity of no sex before marriage.

Of course, the QB for the Miami Hurricanes thinks Tim’s not telling the truth.

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