UK Fans Choose Juleps Over Unamusing Football

Shot of of Commonwealth Stadium in Lexington today moments before the Kentucky football team took the field against Jacksonville State.

Commonwealth Stadium: Kentucky football fans have abandoned 'Cats

With the Keeneland fall meet well underway - on a gorgeous day - there’s no way to blame UK fans for the above display.

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Back To Square One For Ryan Perrilloux, It Seems

Well, the bad news is that Ryan Perrilloux has been suspended for Jacksonville State’s opener Sept. 5. The good news is that now he has some extra time to step up his hunt for Osama bin Laden. Perrilloux, who was jettisoned from LSU due to reportedly failing a drug test (among other transgressions), has not straightened himself out to the satisfaction of his new team, it appears.

Ryan Perrilloux

Perrilloux was suspended for the Gamecocks’ season-opener at Georgia Tech for “a violation of team rules in the spring,” head coach Jack Crowe said this morning. Just another chapter in the Perrilloux Story, the favorite chapter of which, for me, is when he thought he saw Osama bin Laden serving food at the Kona Grill in Baton Rouge. Read more…

Bad Grades Ban 3 Schools from NCAA Postseason

There are several days throughout the year that are near and dear to the hearts of college sports fans. Basketball has Selection Sunday, football has the back-asswards BCS Selection Show, and even baseball fans have the NCAA tournament selection to look forward to.

Bob Knight Centenary

Being fans of affirmative action, the NCAA gives its detractors, or “haters” as today’s youth calls them, something to look forward to as well. Yes, the NCAA’s Academic Progress Reports are out, and 29 of the NCAA’s failing-est teams have taken a swift kick of righteous academic justice straight to the proverbial junk.

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Ex-LSU QB Perrilloux To Sign Up With Gamecocks

Former LSU QB Ryan Perrilloux has finally found a new home. The troubled ex-Tiger announced today that he’ll soon be playing for the Gamecocks.

Ryan Perrilloux Steve Spurrier

Hold on, South Carolina fans - not those Gamecocks.

Mike Perrin of the BIRMINGHAM NEWS reports that Perrilloux will be signing with Jacksonville State. And just to add a little more confusion, the school is located in Alabama, not Florida, as one might assume.

But it doesn’t matter to Ryan where it is - since it’s Division 1-AA, he can play immediately next season. And he’s happy about the chance:

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