Kobe Bryant Jumps Over Pool Filled With Snakes

It’s totally understandable that Kobe Bryant would get bored with jumping over expensive automobiles.

Kobe Bryant snake jump

As it turns out, the Aston Martin jump was just a gateway stunt. Now he’s jumping over a swimming pool filled with snakes! Read more…

Guy Takes Ball To Groin - In The Name of Science

SPORTS COLUMN serves up video of a guy taking a 50 m.p.h. tennis ball to the groin - all in the name of science!

The clip comes from the Fox Sports show “Sport Science”. Apparently, the experiment was to determine how the anticipation & pain of getting hit in the nads affects the heart rate. (Surprisingly, it goes up.)This tennis ball test to the testes also presents additional scientific benefits - such as giving folks something to watch now that “Jackass” is off the air.