Vernon Davis Talks About Singletary On His Blog

So by now I’m pretty sure that you’ve all seen the video of San Francisco 49ers head coach Mike Singletary ripping his tight end Vernon Davis a new one. The video has been everywhere and I have no doubt that it will show up as a Coors Light commercial at some point in the future. Still, with the video we’ve only gotten one side of the story, and we don’t know what Davis’ point of view was.

Vernon Davis

Thankfully Vernon keeps a blog over at YARDBARKER, and in his latest entry he addressed the situation between himself and his new coach.

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Culpepper Can’t Capture A QB Job, Calls It Quits

Daunte Culpepper has announced that he’s retiring from the NFL after nine seasons, and at the age of 31.

The reason behind Daunte’s decision to hang them up is that he can’t find a job in the NFL, or at least, not one that he deems worthy of him. Apparently the man who took the NFL by storm in 2000 with the Minnesota Vikings and had many thinking he would revolutionize the way the quarterback position is played, still thinks he’s the greatest quarterback of all time.

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