Iverson Mom’s Bar Opens With 1 Hitch: No Booze

David Squires of the NEWPORT NEWS (VA) DAILY PRESS has the latest controversy involving the Iverson family that David Stern will happy to know doesn’t involve Allen being caught at the club or the slushy bar while he’s supposed to be looking after his sick four-year-old daughter.

Did Tawanna tell you that?

(No Ma’am)

Iverson’s mother Ann this week opened the Iverson Restaurant & Sports Lounge in Hampton, VA. Squires:

For a few weeks now, we’ve seen the marquee in front of the former Golden Palace Chinese restaurant at 2234 Cunningham Drive in Hampton.

Well, the Iverson venue is finally here - sort of.

Squires notes that at the sports bar, “the bartenders can only serve your favorite soft drinks and water.

It turns out that Ann is having a little trouble wrangling a liquor license.

Restaurant owner Ann Iverson — Allen’s mom - said she is still in discussions with officials from the local Alcoholic Beverage Control office to secure liquor licenses. Ms. Iverson will not comment further on that situation.

Insiders close to the acquisition of the liquor licenses say one snag is that neighboring businesses have complained that the Iverson clientele might spill over into parking spaces at the neighboring offices.

That’s an odd complaint, given those offices are likely to be long closed during peak Iverson Lounge hours. Plus, Iverson customers presumably could use the Peninsula Towne Center lot across the street — should business get that big.

For now, the restaurant hours are 11 a.m. to 4 p.m., but it has been known to serve patrons after 5 p.m.

Now there’s a business model for you: Hmmm, I’ll take the hush puppies … with the Aquafina on the side.

Hard to believe that the mother of one of Hampton’s favorite sons is getting stonewalled on a liquor license. While I have no answer for that perplexing question, several commenters after the article might have provided some possible clues.

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