Sports Statue Punctuation Crisis Now an Epidemic

The scourge of the Ernie Banks statue’s missing punctuation, like other tragedies, has led to a review of the state of sports statues across America to ensure the shame and pain of misused or abandoned punctuation will never befall our sports heroes again.

Rocky statue

As part of that national volunteer effort (no doubt sponsored in part by FEMA), KENN.COM BLOG checked on one of the linchpins of the sports statue scene in America: the Rocky statue. What he found will chill you to your very soul. Small children, those who are expecting, and librarians should turn away at this time.

Rocky statue plaque

Another mangled apostrophe has been discovered. In an indictment of the Philadelphia school system, fictional boxers, and HGH-abusing actors everywhere, the Rocky statue tells us that Rocky stands for “the great city of Philadelphia and the brotherhood of it’s people”. “It’s.” Not “its”. The brotherhood of it is people. Oh, the heartbreak.

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