A Terrorist Nationals Cap? We Totally Believe That

When we heard that the WASHINGTON POST had a story of a congressional aide being suspected of terrorism - just for wearing a Washington Nationals baseball cap - we were, to say the least, intrigued. Had an organization coopted the Walgreens’ Nats’ “W” as a symbol of their own? Like it was some code to bring down Washington, since the team’s in Washington and all? Sounded cool.

Green Nationals Hat

Ah, but this is the WASHINGTON POST - not exactly a bastion of journalistic integrity - and the story quickly devolved into fantasy. Except it wasn’t reported as fantasy at all, but as something that actually happened. By all means, read on and judge for yourself.

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Israel-Palestine Conflict Spills Over To Basketball

The Israeli-Palestinian conflict in Gaza has been dominating world news as of late, and the tension has now found its way to the basketball court.

Israel Turkey basketball

A EuroCup game between Israel’s Bnei Hasharon club and Turk Telekom of Turkey was disrupted yesterday in Ankara when protesters began shouting death threats at the Israeli players. However, only a handful of the team’s players are from Israel. The team has five players from the United States, including former University of Colorado star Richard Roby.

The game never made it to tip-off, and the details of the scene are frightening.

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L’Chaim! Israel Baseball League Gets 2nd Season

The latest attempt to grow baseball outside of its traditional and current hotbeds (Western Hemisphere, Japan, Korea) is the Israel Baseball League, which went through a rocky first season last year, with board members leaving en masse, low attendance, and shekels flying out the window faster than you could say “oy gevalt!”

(Yup, I think I just broke the stereotype per-post limit. I’ll go turn in my yarmulke and menorah after I’m done here today.)

Well, the few fans the league managed to attract can rejoice: the L.A. DAILY NEWS’ Tom Hoffarth passes on the AP’s news that a slimmed-down league will be returning in just over a month for its second season.

IBL All-Stars

There will be a few changes when the season opens, compared to last year.

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England Out of 2008 Euro Cup With Loss to Croatia

BLIMEY! CROATIA KICKS ENGLAND OUT OF 2008 EURO CUP: Despite the best efforts of Israel and airport security, England has done the remarkable and failed to qualify for the Euro 2008 Cup.

England Croatia soccer

The hopes of the English nation that had risen with the Israelis’ dramatic upset of Russia last Saturday, came crashing down on Thursday with a 3-2 home loss to Croatia.The English only had to manage at least a tie with Croatia in order to qualify for next year’s European Championship.

England soccer coach Steve McClaren

Instead, the team will miss out on their first major soccer tournament since the 1994 World Cup. And England coach Steve McClaren will likely be sent permanently off the pitch.

Croatian Football Chief Arrested In England, Suffers From Bitter Beer Face

NO WONDER THE CROATIAN GUY HAS BITTER BEER FACE: Beyond our borders the entire world is watching England attempt to qualify for the European Championship soccer tournament today, which will be held next year in Austria and Switzerland.

England Soccer Fans

The Brits need a tie at home against Croatia to qualify. Thanks to pitiful previous play, England would have no chance to make Euro 2008 if it wasn’t for Israel upsetting Russia earlier this week. Manager Steve McClaren has made a myriad of moves for the match, including benching David Beckham (so they really do want to win, huh).

Croatia Soccer Chief Arrested In England

The English are taking this one pretty damn seriously, as the pregame intimidation starting as soon as the Croatians got off the plane.

Blogs: LSU Fans March For Miles To Keep Coach

• 100% INJURY RATE laces up, as LSU fans are willing to March For Miles:

March for Miles

• Speaking of tearjerkers, DEUCE OF DAVENPORT tosses a hanky to Redskins QB Jason Campbell, who turned on the waterworks after Sunday’s loss to the Cowboys.• THE LAZY EYE OF STUART SCOTT gives a big “Booyah!” to Joakim Noah, who took five games to score his first NBA points of the season.

• LARRY BROWN SPORTS grabs some popcorn (and knows a good seller), as the Knicks turn into a three-ring circus:

Knicks Isiah Popcorn

• The PORTLAND OREGONIAN weighs in on Greg Oden packing on the pounds during his season off.• As one league has already had its share of problems, NEW YORK JEWISH WEEK wonders if Israel is ready for *two* baseball leagues.

• MAKE THE LOGO BIGGER bets you’ll enjoy watching Pete Rose sing for Aqua Velva:

• STORMING THE FLOOR catches up on all the “classic” basketball on tap this week.• AOL FANHOUSE feels the pain, as an Arena Football spike takes down a ref.

Israel Upsets Russia, Saves England From Euro 2008 Embarrassment

AT A CORNER BRITISH BOOZER: “JESUS, THAT WAS CLOSE!” Biggest upsets in Jewish history:

1) Abraham lives to 175.
2) Moses parts Red Sea.
3) David slays Goliath.

Russia Israel

4) Israel 2, Russia 1.The win by Israel was the biggest sports story in the world last weekend (sorry, Charlie), because it (probably) saves England from the colossal embarrassment of missing the European soccer championships next summer.

Israel Soccer Upsets Russia 2-1

Now the Lions need only a tie against Croatia to go through to the Euro tourney (the Croatians are playing very inspired soccer at the moment, having lost to Macedonia 2-0 in their most recent match).