Isiah Removed From Own Popcorn Co. Website

THOMAS CONVICTION COULD PUNCTURE POPCORN SALES: Now that Isiah Thomas has been found liable for sexual harassment, the real concern is - what about the popcorn?

Isiah Thomas popcorn kid

Darren Rovell of CNBC looks for a kernel of truth in the Dale & Thomas Popcorn company, a popcorn producer partially owned by the punished pervert.Before the legal troubles were trampled upon Thomas, the company was featuring the former Indiana U. star as the smiling face of the brand. Now, there’s nary a mention of Isiah and his connection to the business.

But they’re not totally out of the celebrity limelight, as the gourmet poppers still claim themselves as Oprah’s favorite (Chocolate Chunk ‘n’ Caramel being the lady’s prime choice).

And now a small Boston-based business is hopping on the popcorn wagon and taking advantage of the situation. T&T Buds fires the latest salvo in the Boston-New York rivalry with this campaign:

TT Buds popcorn logo

And the mudslinging doesn’t stop there. The company is using Isiah’s notoriety as a former spokesman of Popcorn Board’s National Poppin’ Popcorn Month to get the position themselves.If only Orville Redenbacher was still around to act as peacemaker.