Ex-Soccer WAG Figueira Cuts A Very Fine Figure

Earlier this week, we took some time to briefly blurb about Isabel Figueira, Portuguese model-slash-actress and one-time wife of soccer player Cesar Peixoto. However, achieving fame & fortune in Portugal doesn’t necessarily equate to stardom in the States.

Isabel Figueira

(Lisbon’s leading lovely lady)

But we hope to change that. How? By arousing the American masses with a provocative pictorial featuring Figueira’s fantastic figure, that’s how!

But first, a bit of background: In the grand tradition of other soccer WAGs past & present, Isabel has posed for magazine shoots, hosted TV shows, appeared in company adverts, and even has her own IMDB page. As for her marriage, the lads at THE SPOILER sum up the results of the blessed union between Isabel & Cesar:

The couple were married in 2005, proud parents in 2006 and divorced in 2007.

That was nice & quick - seems like the perfect model of European efficiency. (Here that, guys? She’s available!) But enough gabbing. Let’s get to the goods! (After the jump, of course.)

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