Isaac Bruce Expects 49ers to Score 8 TDs a Game

It’s become a normal occurance in the NFL, happening with about the same frequency as a leap year. Once a new player gets a gander at the insanely in-depth offensive playbook of “mad genius” Mike Martz, they suddenly think they’re playing Madden on beginner mode and start talking about how they’ll take the league by storm this year. This year’s a bit different however, seeing as the player who’s drinking the Kool-Aid has already drunk it once before: The ancient Isaac Bruce.

Isaac Bruce

In an interview with the SACRAMENTO BEE, Bruce, signed by the 49ers almost exclusively for his previous knowledge of the epic Martz playbook, says he expects the team to score 56 points a game. Fifty. Six. Points. A. Game.

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Brog: Now The REAL Reason I Miss LA So Much!

Looks like I’ll be finally heading back to L.A. beginning on Wednesday. Hopefully I’ll be in town by Sunday night, in time to score a Game 5 get-me-in from one of my very generous ticket broker acquaintances. If not, there’s always Craigslist. Coincidentally, HHR has a great bit today on some current Lakers-related posts on the site. Here’s a sampling:

Lakers Craigslist Ticket Postings

Now you know why I miss L.A. so much. By the way, that last guy is completely screwed. Alas, if only he had an Armitron to offer.

Ross Nethery of SPORTSBUSINESS JOURNAL reports that Jerry Jones used a speech at the National Association of Collegiate Directors of Athletics convention this week to crow about his new $1.1B stadium. That’s right, a ballpark that will host eight regular season football games per year will cost over a billion bucks.

Jerry Jones Billy Bob Teeth

Almost as absurd as that cost was Jones’ justification for the obscenely-overdone building - via SBJ’s Nethery:

Jones said he could have built the new facility for about $700M. “The reason I’m spending [$1.1B] on that stadium in Arlington is because of perception,” he said. “Only a fraction of football fans will ever set foot in it, but hundreds of millions will see it on television.” How the stadium looks is important, he said, as well as “how John Madden talks about it, and how Al Michaels talks about it, and let me assure you that after I’ve had some time with them, they’ll know everything there is to know about it.”

So the cost was elevated into the ether because of “how John Madden talks about it”?

Since when do an extra couple hot dog and nachos runners to the booth set you back $400M? Now, if he was talking about adding jalapeno poppers to the press box menu, he might have an argument. Read more…

Hunting From Helicopters, Hugging Erin Andrews

• A Florida Marlins reliever finds relief in shooting critters from ‘copters.

Apocalypse Now helicopters

Erin Andrews reveals what Bruce Pearl texted after their halftime hug.

Steve Nash is not concerned if he never gets NBA championship gold.

Baron Davis shares a soulful song.

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Bad Idea Dept.: Current 49er Wearing Rice’s #80

John Ryan of the SAN JOSE MERCURY NEWS reports that wide receiver Isaac Bruce, recently acquired by the 49ers, is considering wearing Jerry Rice’s offically retired #80 when he takes the field next season.

Jerry Rice Isaac Bruce

Rice has ok’d the possibility though a final decision has yet to be made. We’re surprised Rice signed off on Bruce wearing his number, considering the Hall of Famer’s own experience wearing a hallowed numeral. Read more…