Iraqi Soccer Player Shot And Killed During Match

Regardless of your thoughts on the war, anyone can admit that citizens of Iraq haven’t got much to be happy about these days. What they do have is soccer, even though the national team lives and trains outside the country for their own safety. For all the havoc and violence plaguing the country, when the whistle blows and the game starts, the problems stop.

Iraq soccer
(Iraqi soccer players, in happier times.)

Or they did, anyway; according to the BBC, a game was stopped today after a player was shot in the head during the run of play. Worse yet, this doesn’t appear to be the work of terrorists pursuing their own agenda or anything; the motivation behind the killing was far, far more trifling. Read more…

Fore! *Hic!* John Daly Uses Beer Can As Golf Tee

Brooks uncovers all the fun he found during his visit to the Playboy Mansion.

John Daly finds more than one way to enjoy a beer on the golf course.

John Daly beer can golf tee

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