Video: Sheriff Joe Arpaio Calls Iowa “Buckeyes”

After his recent immigration policy-based endorsement of Rick Perry’s bid for President, Phoenix-area Sheriff Joe Arpaio, a staunch proponent of U.S.-Mexico border control, joined Perry this week on the GOP primary trail in Iowa.

(Perry to Arpaio: “You know how to get Iowans riled up in the morning”)

While warming up the crowd for a Perry stump speech to the Westside Conversative Club in Des Moines on Wednesday morning, Arpaio mischaracterized an Iowa namesake for a state hundred of miles away:

Boy, I’m getting to know Iowa, the great state of Iowa. Was it the Buckeyes? (boos) … What are they? What are they called?”

Iowa is known as “The Hawkeye State”, while Ohio is known as “The Buckeye State.” The flagship universities of the states are similiarly nicknamed.

After his mistake was met with an inevitable chorus of boos, Westside Conservative Club co-Founder Paul Zietlow politely corrected Arpaio who, while chuckling, turned to the crowd and said, “Hawkeyes, Buckeyes, what’s the difference?”

When that comment elicited a collective groan from the crowd, Arpaio looked at his watch and replied, “It’s 3 o’clock Phoenix time.

For the record, Arpaio was speaking at 7am in Des Moines at the time. 6am, Phoenix time.

After Arpaio introduced Perry, the Texas Governor said of the Sheriff losing sight of the border between the states and two Big Ten schools:

“Well, you know how to get an Iowa crowd riled up in the morning…call ‘em Buckeyes. Actually, there’s probably some Cyclones in this crowd.”

By mentioning “Cyclones”, Perry was referring to the nickname of the second-most prominent college in Iowa, Iowa State University.

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Stadium Flyover Video: The Lowest Of The Low?

Last month four Air Force pilots were reprimanded and punished after they flew T-38 fighter jets too low over Kinnick Stadium before the Iowa-Ohio State football game November 11, 2010.

On March 23, 2011, B.A. Morelli of the reported:

According to the investigation, the highest elevation of the stadium is at the northwest corner of the press box, which is 160 feet above ground level. Cedar Rapids Approach Control verified that the aircraft cleared the scoreboard, which is 118 feet above ground level by 58 feet and were 16 feet above the press box, which put them at 176 feet above ground level. That is well below the minimum 1,000 foot standard.

An Air Force press release reprimanding the pilots noted they were “flying over a congested area below 1,000 feet above ground level above the highest obstacle within 2,000 feet of the aircraft on Nov. 20, 2010.

If you thought 176 feet was about as low as a fighter jet could go over a major football stadium located in the heart of a congested residential area, you haven’t seen the Navy F-18 fly-by that preceded the Navy-TCU game at Navy-Marine Corps Stadium on Sept. 30, 2000.

Killjoy: Star Iowa Receiver’s Seven Drug Charges

Back in September, Iowa Hawkeyes star wide receiver Derrell Johnson-Koulianos posted this message on his Facebook account:

Johnson-Koulianos: Seven Drug Charges

Finally Captain Kirk has put my issues with the media to bed! For those who read his comments today, there you have it! Coach Killjoy and Mr. Fun-Haver have reached a mutual agreement - Playing time over T.V. time! Some may be disappointed with my decision, but I feel it is unnecessary to jeopardize this opportunity for a few media sound bites. See you in January! M.P.O.D.

Decoded: Iowa Coach Kirk “Captain Killjoy” Ferentz had told Johnson-Koulianos, Iowa’s career leader in receptions and receiving yardage and a first-team all-Big Ten selection this season, to stop talking to the media.

Before Johnson-Koulianos’s Facebook message, Mike Hlas of the CEDAR RAPIDS GAZETTE reported this exchange on Sept. 29, 2010 between Ferentz and the Iowa media.

Q. Doesn’t seem like he wants to talk to us this year. Did we do something to make him mad?

COACH FERENTZ: I don’t think you did. I think he loves you guys actually, talking in general terms. You can move in with him in January. Help yourself. I told him that, too. He can Twitter. Can have a ball (laughter).

From the news out of Iowa City this morning, it turns out the media was the least of  Johnson-Koulianos’s worries. Read more…

Photo: Kutcher Photo Incriminates Hawkeye Hoops

Tom Witosky of the DES MOINES REGISTER breaks the news today that the University of Iowa has admitted to NCAA recruiting violations resulting from contact between two basketball recruits and Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore.

Ashton Kutcher photo with Marcus Paige

On Sept. 15, the NCAA sent a letter to the Univ. of Iowa  accusing the school’s basketball program of allowing the meeting on Sept. 11 between basketball recruits Marcus Paige and Josh Oglesby and the actors. On Oct. 1, after an internal investigation, Iowa confirmed that such meetings took place.

Paige and Oglesby met Kutcher, a Univ. of Iowa supporter, and Moore on a football weekend in Iowa City. Paige later Tweeted a photo of himself and Kutcher while Oglesby subsequently told a reporter from a recruiting website about the visit. The Paige Twitter photo and published report of Oglesby’s comments is what set the NCAA’s investigation of impropriety in motion.

But why is meeting Kutcher and Moore an NCAA violation? (Neither are U of I graduates or have any formal ties to the school.) Read more…

Video: Iowa Football Player On Moped Hit By Truck

Monday morning Univ. of Iowa offensive lineman Josh Koeppel was hit head-on by a truck while riding a moped through an Iowa City intersection. Video of the collision was captured by a police cruiser’s dashboard camera.

Josh Koeppel Video Iowa Hawkeye Football Player Video Moped Hit By A Truck

Incredibly, Koeppel not only survived the crash, but walked away relatively unscathed.

Tuesday night, the QUAD CITY TIMES updated Koeppel’s condition: Read more…

Univ. of Iowa’s Lying Denial Of Alcohol Hypocrisy

Iowa City, the home to the University of Iowa, recently passed an ordinance forbidding anyone under the legal drinking age of 21 to be in an Iowa City bar after 10 p.m.

University of Iowa violates its own licensed merchandise policy by selling booze-related products

Univ. of Iowa school officials were major proponents of the new law, which has effectively wiped out the town’s off-campus bar scene. So Iowa students are doing what they can to fight back against the ordinance, including spotlighting the blatant mixed message being sent by the school’s licensed merchandise policy.

The official University of Iowa Trademark Licensing Program website notes that, “no merchandise or use of the University of Iowa logos and trademarks will be approved when used in conjunction with or making reference to alcohol, alcohol consumption and/or abuse.

Yet an entire section of the official online store for officially licensed Univ. of Iowa products is devoted to drinkware that includes “shot glasses“, a “wine accessory gift set“, a “Cosmo glass“, a stainless steel, 16 oz. “pilsner glass“, “mixing glasses“, bottle opener key chains, and even a talking bottle opener. (Apparently in case Ed Podolak can’t make it to your Kinnick Stadium tailgate.)

Matt Pfaltzgraf is an Iowa student and leader of a campaign to try to get the “21 ordinance” overturned. Of those officially licensed “drinkware” UI products, the IOWA CITY PRESS-CITIZEN reported last week:

“They have a policy against selling things … related to alcohol consumption,” said Matt Pfaltzgraf, UI student and leader of the anti-21-only campaign, Yes to Entertaining Students Safely. “Yet, I was able to buy about eight shot glasses (and) a couple of pitchers. … They’re obviously not following their own policy.”

What’s more is the university is making money on these products that Pfaltzgraf thinks promote the binge drinking UI officials are trying to combat.

“It’s a double standard,” he said.

So what does Iowa administration officials and licensed vendors have to say about Pfaltzgraf’s charge of hypocrisy?

They claim those University of Iowa officially-licensed “drinkware” products are not intended for alcoholic beverages.

Really. Read more…

Video: Ricky Stanzi Facemasked On Injury Play?

Iowa had its undefeated season ruined today by Northwestern in part because starting Hawkeyes QB Ricky Stanzi injured his ankle in the second quarter.

Video Of Ricky Stanzi Being Injured Against Northwestern

(Facemask penalty would’ve negated Northwestern subsequent touchdown)

Video of the play shows Northwestern player Corey Wootton rolling onto the back of Stanzi’s right lower leg. But just before Stanzi went down, the quarterback appeared to have his head wrenched backwards by the right hand of Northwestern defensive tackle Jack DiNardo.

Was Ricky Stanzi facemasked on the play?

View Results

Video after the jump. Read more…

Poll: Does This Look Like a Touchdown To You?

Officials at Iowa-Indiana overturned the original touchdown call on this play today. IU then missed a FG on the next play.

Indiana Touchdown Photo

(Did Terrance Turner make the catch in time?)


View Results

IU leads 24-21 early in the 4th after a 92-yard TD pass by Iowa with 13:03 to go.

UPDATE: 28-24 Iowa after 66-yard TD pass by the Hawkeyes. Those two scores came on back-to-back plays!

Iowa romps to 42-24 win. I want to believe that someone spiked IU’s Gatorade with Ancient Age in the second half.

No other way to explain what happened.

Hawkeye Gets Smoked But Iowa Goes To 8 & Oh

A big hit that didn’t get adequate airtime yesterday was Michigan State’s Jeremy Ware’s fourth quarter lick on Iowa’s Colin Sandeman:

Michigan State's Jeremy Ware Hits Iowa's Colin Sandeman

(Ware flagged for personal foul, Sandeman walked off under own power)

Video of the hit after the jump, along with the game’s final play - which gave Iowa the win and a perfect 8-0 record. Read more…

Cincinnati Bearcats ‘Adopt’ Young Cancer Patient

One of the marks of a good college football coach is what he encourages his players to do off the football field. No, check that - what his players actually do off the field. It’s not like coaches at discipline-troubled schools actually tell their players to commit crimes and cheat on test. But a coach who has his players acting right and making a difference in the community? That is a good coach.

Cincinnati Bearcats Mitch Stone Cancer

Brian Kelly, for example, is a good coach. Aside from the Bearcats’ considerable success on the field (21-6 for the last two seasons, Orange Bowl bid in 2008, 5-0 and ranked 8th this season), the program is squeaky-clean, a welcome development after the eyebrow-raising regime of Bob Huggins on the Cincinnati hardwood. So as they prepare for their biggest game of the season - a road test at #21 South Florida tonight - they do so with the help of Mitch Stone, the 12-year-old cancer patient that they’ve “adopted.”

Read more…