Fake Facebook Accounts Fooling NFL Prospects

Don’t believe anything about that hottie who just tried to friend you on Facebook. I’ve watched enough sensationalist TV to know it could really be Chris Hansen on the other end. Or, even worse, Scott Pioli.

Fake Facebook Profile

(”It’s a trap!”)

YAHOO SPORTS, which is pretty much leaving CBSSPORTS.COM in the dust these days, talked to a source in NFL personnel who confirmed that it’s actually pretty common for teams to create fake accounts to get access to potential draft picks’ personal lives. Thorny legal issues aside, this isn’t a bad idea. It’s not as if Facebook hasn’t gotten athletes in trouble before.

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HS Water Polo Kids Showing Up On Gay Porn Sites

The ORANGE COUNTY REGISTER splashes up news that photos of local high school water polo players have been showing up on gay porn websites.

Water Polo

The paper reports that they’ve uncovered dozens of pics of the aquatic athletes on at least five different dirty domains - all without the knowledge or permission of the snapshot subjects.

As the OCR states, “Images of local high school athletes, some as young as 14, according to parents, are juxtaposed next to photos of nude or semi-nude young males and graphic sexual content.”

Authorities may have a lead on who snapped the shots.

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Duke Posts Football Coach Opening On Website

‘HEAD FOOTBALL COACH’ ON DUKE’S ONLINE JOB LISTINGS: With the trials & tribulations in searching for a head football coach, Duke is going for the no-frills approach:

Duke football job listing

On the university’s human resources website, job seekers can search for available openings in various departments on the Durham campus.Among the want ads for ‘University Counsel Assistant’ & ‘Food Service Coordinator’, there sits a listing for ‘Head Football Coach’ (job code 1206), with the following occupational summary:

Direct and coordinate the planning, organizing and coaching of the Duke University football team.”

Luckily for any hopeful applicants, there seems to be no requirements for having any skills or training to get the job:

Duke football no skills

No skills or training needed? That could be why the Blue Devils have played so poorly the past few seasons.

Joe Namath To Receive His College Degree After 42 Years

NAMATH GETS DEGREE 42 YRS AFTER BOLTING FROM ‘BAMA: When it comes to getting a college degree, it’s better late than never. For Joe Namath, it’s only been 42 years later:

Joe Namath Sports Illustrated

The BIRMINGHAM NEWS tosses their hats in the air, as Broadway Joe will finally be receiving his bachelor of arts degree from the University of Alabama.Namath had left the Crimson Tide in 1965, taking off from Tuscaloosa 15 credits shy of a degree. He spent the following decades predicting Super Bowl upsets, modeling pantyhose, and paying visits to the Brady household.

Not satisfied with his accomplishments, Joe spent the last five years working towards his degree, by taking courses through the school’s External Degree program.Now Namath will be joining 900 others back on campus this Saturday for graduation. For those who can’t make it to Coleman Coliseum in person, the ceremonies will be shown live over the Internet.

Wonder if Suzy Kolber will be in attendance to give Joe a congratulatory kiss?

Michael Vick Cards Dot The Ultimate Stay At Home Business

FINALLY FOUND: THE ULTIMATE STAY-AT-HOME BUSINESS! In our neverending quest for high quality Michael Vick memorabilia, we ran across this fancy pants web destination today:

Michael Vick Cards

MichaelVickCards.com has one heckuva mission statement/business model: “Dedicated to Offering Only Michael Vick Cards and Collectibles.“We had previously narrowed down our most-desired career to raising rabbits in rural Kentucky for experiments in the development of male cosmetics, but this biz might just trump that bright idea.

Time to slip on those pajamas and get to work!

Jeremy Shockey Looking For Lovely Ladies To Attend His New Years Eve Party

SHOCKEY SELECTIVE WITH GAL PALS FOR NEW YEAR’S EVE: DEADSPIN has the chance of a lifetime for all you Big Apple broads and Tri-State trollops: Jeremy Shockey wants YOU! - to drink & dance for his amusement:

Jeremy Shockey Point

The New York Giant is looking for some supple scenery to parade around at his New Year’s Eve party. And what better way to locate lovely ladies than by a Craigslist casting call.The posting promotes how “Manhattan’s hottest, newest nightclub” - no name or location mentioned - wants to surround Shockey and his posse with “the city’s hottest girls.”

Jeremy Shockey

However, it’s not just a case of showing up for possible entry - into the club, or from other attendees. All pretty partygoers must be pre-approved before they can commence jigglin’ with Jeremy.The listing states, “If you think you can dress, dance, and drink the part, then please send one head and one body shot, as well as your name and contact info” to some random Gmail address.

Who can resist such a tempting offer?

ESPN College Basketball Analyst Doug Gottlieb Gets Into Verbal Spat In Chat Room

ESPN ANALYST GETS INTO IT WITH CHAT ROOM CHUCKLERS: Doug Gottlieb does not suffer fools gladly:

Doug Gottlieb Oklahoma State

DEADSPIN gets a battle communique from TURTLE SPORTS REPORT on a recent war of words between the college basketball analyst and comedic commenters on ESPN.com.Here’s some of the selected sparring as it occured in the Worldwide Leader’s chat room:

Doug Gottlieb Chat

(Background note: During his freshman year at Notre Dame, Gottlieb was convicted of stealing his roommate’s credit cards and ringing up $900 in charges. He soon transferred to Oklahoma State.)”Mike (Indiana): How did your mediocre basketball career prepare you for a mediocre broadcasting career?

Doug Gottlieb: (4:04 PM ET ) So your mediocre life can prepare you for a mediocre afterlife….and by the way, which one of us works for ESPN….hey and next time…when I you say 30 minutes or less….get here on time with my pizza.

Domino's Pizza car

John (Notre Dame): Doug, I lost my credit card, where were you last night?
Doug Gottlieb: (4:27 PM ET ) Ask your mom.



Doug Gottlieb: (4:34 PM ET ) Ten years ago I made a mistake…and payed for it…18 years ago YOU WERE your parents mistake and they are still paying for it

There’s a valuable lesson to be learned in all this - don’t dilly-dally digitally with a defiant Doug.

Scott Van Pelt

Just imagine the fireworks flying if Gottlieb ever came to message board blows with fellow Bristol employee Scott Van Pelt.

Soccer Player Paycheck Slipped Onto Internet Forums

SOCCER PLAYER’S PAYSLIP SLIPS ONTO INTERNET FORUMS: An English soccer club is wondering how a player’s payslip somehow slipped onto the Internet:

John Arne Riise soccer

The BBC cashes in on news that Liverpool striker John Arne Riise had his paycheck displayed on numerous website forums. And team doesn’t know how it got there.Online visitors were treated to the statement that said Riise took home almost £140,000 - or $280,000 - in monthly wages. It even detailed a £65 deduction for meals.

The pay stub also featured other personal info on Riise, including his home address and insurance policy numbers.

So that’s how socialized health care works - everyone just bills their treatments to the nearest pro midfielder.

Playmate Wife of Chicago Bear Cyberstalked

IF WE WERE GIVEN THE NAME EDSON, WE’D BE UPSET TOO: The Chicago-area AURORA BEACON NEWS reports a “20-year-old Aurora man has been charged with felony cyberstalking after he allegedly sent threatening e-mails to a Playboy Playmate who is dating a Chicago Bears player.

Jennifer Walcott

Someone named Edson Diaz sent two nasty emails to the Myspace account of Jennifer Walcott (Miss August 2001). Walcott also happens to be dating Adam Archuleta, the 6-foot, 223-pound safety for the Chicago Bears.

Adam Archuleta



Her manager’s reasoned reation to the notes. “It seems that the guy was just angry at hot girls. He could just be an angry guy who has no luck with girls and decided to act in a real dumb way.

The Beacon-News also notes that Edson also called Walcott “white trash” in one email and went on “to write that when Playboy founder Hugh Hefner dies, the women of Playboy will find out they were being used, prosecutors said.

Jennifer Walcott

With newsbreaking skills like that, Edson really belongs in the newspaper business. Non-internet division.Anway, Diaz was cuffed and stuffed by Aurora Police (we know, we’re thinking the same thing) and charged with Cyberstalking. He’s out of the can after posting $20,000 bond.

CORRECTION: Archuleta is married to Walcott.

Erin Andrews Less Than Dazzled Being On YouTube, Thinks Its Kind Of Gross

ERIN ANDREWS - BEING ON YOUTUBE IS “KIND OF GROSS“: CSTV recently cornered interviewed Erin Andrews about her days as a member of the University of Florida dance team called the Dazzlers.

Erin Andrews CSTV Dazzlers

The extreme close-upped Andrews’ most notable reaction to the line of questioning was her queasiness about video from one of her collegiate dance performances being posted on YouTube.

Erin Andrews Dazzlers

Andrews: “It’s now on YouTube, unfortunately. Which is kind of gross.

I kind of wondered what was going on with that hair style and the lipstick with the lipliner, but hey, everybody’s got those pictures from back in the day, right?”

Cocks Buried In Florida Gators Swamp

Actually, I don’t have any lipliner college photos. I suppose they do that sort of thing at the University of Florida, but as an alumnus of the University of Georgia, I wouldn’t know.