Quincy Carter’s Pay: $200 Per Game, $50 Per Win

Oh, poor Quincy Carter. We mean that literally: Quincy Carter is poor. Why else would he be playing football for chump change in something called the “Intense Football League”?

Ruff Riders tryout
(The Ruff Riders hold local tryouts. Okay, not really.)

According to the ABILENE REPORTER-NEWS, Carter’s new team is the “Abilene Ruff Riders,” which is, if we had to guess, a deft tip of the cap to Theodore Roosevelt and Dennis The Menace’s dog. Unfortunately for Carter, his salary is a long, long way away from the $455,000 he was making with the Cowboys and Dolphins a few years ago. In fact, it’s–oh wait, we spoiled the surprise in the headline. Yeah, $200 per game and a $50 bonus per win. Woo?

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