Clips Beat Boston, Enough To Drive You To A DUI

• The L.A. Clippers beat the Boston Celtics. First sign of the apocalypse?

Gabe Pruitt Celtics Ricky Davis Clippers

• And Brooks was there, checking out the Staples Center’s Chairman’s Club - while the Celts’ Gabe Pruitt should have called a cab.

• Today’s tale of horrendous hazing & alleged sexual assault comes to us courtesy of the Taft High School boys’ volleyball team.

• One ping pong punk puts on a celebratory dance routine that would make Ocho Cinco proud.

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Wrestler Fails Hard At 7-Eleven Insurance Fraud

In case you had lost track, it’s art that imitates real life, and not the other way around*. The reason The Wrestler resonated so well is that just like you’d imagine, wrestlers who don’t know how to do anything else and just get old in the ring lead incredibly miserable, destructive lives.

Michael Taris
(He’s just smiling because he’s thinking about massaging you. Yes, you. Who wants a body massage?)

Today’s case in point: Michael Taris, a Pennsylvania resident and current small-time wrestler. As you’re about to see, Taris apparently doesn’t know how to do much, and according to the PHILADELPHIA DAILY NEWS, he decided to whip up some cash by “falling” at a 7-Eleven back in 2007. Taris must not have realized that insurance companies do actually check on those who file claims of personal injury, because dude, you are doing it wrong: Read more…