Speed Read: Bills Blunder, Let Brady Off The Hook

You know the Bills have had a rough history when they can completely blow a game like they did last night, and you can think of like five worse that have happened to them over the years off the top of your head. Buffalo used a poorly-timed fumble on a kickoff that never should’ve been returned to come from ahead and lose to the Patriots, 25-24, in both teams’ season opener.

Tom Brady and Jim Kelly

(These guys have three Super Bowl rings between them)

It wasn’t a completely devastating loss for the Bills (they were, of course, supposed to lose). It’s not like Vincent Gallo’s going to make a movie about it or anything. But at this rate, the people of upstate New York are just going to start hoping the team moves to Toronto so they don’t have to be so miserable all the time. They also should be happy to know that Brady told his New England teammates that he “knew” the Bills would let them back into the game late.

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Katie Price Scoring To Become Soccer’s Top WAG

• Buxom British model Katie “Jordan” Price is back on the scene, seeking to shag some soccer superstars.

Katie Price

• MLB instant replay: It shouldn’t be just for home runs anymore.

• SEC college football is coming to a TV set near you. Just try and stop it.

• Part 2 of Adam J’s expose on the Register’s Annual Bike Ride Across Iowa - complete with fun photos of good ol’ Midwestern folk.

• A Mets VP rips into a minor league team, taking off his shirt & calling one of the players a [vulgar term for a specific part of the female anatomy].

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Ed Hochuli’s Massive Arms Can’t Save Him Now

Already hopping mad from a malfunction in the replay booth’s equipment that nixed a review that would’ve overturned a Champ Bailey fumble-recovery TD, the Chargers got screwed again in the final seconds when referee Ed “Guns” Hochuli prematurely blew his whistle and ruled that a clear fumble was in fact an incomplete pass. Soon after, the Broncos scored a touchdown and added a ballsy two-point conversion to beat San Diego 39-38. Oops.

Ed Hochuli

Even though Jay Cutler clearly lost the ball as he was bringing his arm backward, Hochuli couldn’t resist the urge to suckle the silver teat and erase all possibility for possession to be awarded to the Chargers. Linebacker Tim Dobbins picked up the errant pigskin and ran two or three yards before stepping out of bounds, giving San Diego hope that they would be awarded the ball on review. The play was reviewed, but that’s when things got confusing.

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Baseball GMs Vote To Add Instant Replay For Home Runs

INSTANT REPLAY PITCH A HOME RUN WITH BASEBALL GMs: Let’s see that again - Instant replay may soon be coming to Major League Baseball:

Woody Williams MLB video camera

The NEW YORK TIMES reports that MLB general managers voted 25-5 to add video review to games. The replays would only be used for questionable home run calls. So, the Padres still would’ve been out of this year’s playoffs.However, the GM clearance is just the first step in a lengthy process. The plan would still need to be okayed by baseball owners, players, umpires and commissioner Bud Selig. As MLB Executive VP Jimmie Lee Solomon notes, “We have glacier-like movement in baseball.”

Jeffrey Maier Yankees Orioles catch

Besides, any decisions made would already be 11 years too late for the Baltimore Orioles.