Things Are Only Getting Worse For The Clippers

Look, it’s never been a secret that Baron Davis is injury-prone. Sure, he played 82 games last season, but not only was it his first full season since 2001, he had missed at least 15 games in every season between. Great guy, very productive when healthy, but made of balsa wood.

Shattered Body
(Baron Davis after trying to shoot a free throw)

That’s why you shouldn’t be surprised that his troublesome pinky is now all of a sudden the least of his worries. In the second quarter of last night’s game against the Nuggets, Davis went up to block a layup, then exploded in a bloody mess in mid-air. Okay, not really, but that’s way more interesting than falling on his hip and leaving the game, which is what he actually did. Read more…

Both Mike Dunleavys Pained By Clippers Injuries

For Clippers fans, the injury situation is well-known in Los Angeles. Between Baron Davis‘ tweaked ring finger and Marcus Camby’s bruised heel, the Clip Joint probably won’t be at 100% when their season starts on the 29th against the Lakers. So you can be sure the injuries have Mike Dunleavy Sr.’s attention.

Mike Dunleavy
(Any excuse to use this picture. Any at all.)

But, as the LOS ANGELES TIMES reports, that’s not where the Dunleavy injury problems stop. Mike Dunleavy Jr. will be getting an MRI on his right knee later this week, which probably puts the Pacers swingman on the shelf for a while. Said Dunleavy The Elder:

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Laurence Maroney Has Bum Shoulder, “Issues”

Patriots fans and fantasy football owners already know this, but Laurence Maroney is apparently taking a cue from his quarterback and disappearing for 2008. With a passing game in sudden turmoil and no real competition (Lamont Jordan? C’mon) for the starting role, Maroney should be putting up monster numbers this season. Instead, he’s got all of 93 yards and no touchdowns to show for the first five games of the season, and after missing Wednesday’s practice, he’s probably out again next week.

But it barely makes sense, really. Sure, Maroney’s got the shoulder injury, but he was playing through it earlier. Now, he’s either telling reporters that he’s dealing with “issues” off the field, or he’s blowing them off completely, skipping a media event on Wednesday.

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Moped Wreck Costs Monta Ellis 30 Games, Dignity

These are dark days for Golden State and their faithful. They lost Baron Davis to free agency, then accomplished precisely nothing on the free agent market to replace Davis. Then their star guard, Monta Ellis, went down with a serious ankle injury.


It eventually came out that Ellis’s tweaked ankle came from wrecking his scooter, which is sad on multiple levels. It’s costing Ellis the first three months of the season as he rehabs the ankle, and now it’s costing him 30 games of pay: Read more…

Tigers’ Tata Starts Fight with Door, Loses Quickly

Recently, locker rooms across baseball and football have struggled with MRSA outbreaks similar to those in hospitals and elder care centers, requiring the affected areas to be sanitized multiple times to remove the Staphylococcus.

Jordan Tata

(Not pictured: the victim)

The Detroit Tigers should consider bringing in similar sanitation experts to work their magic on all rooms that their players use regularly both in Lakeland, FL, and Detroit. That might be the only way to eradicate whatever viral agent infects their relief pitchers and encourages ridiculously stupid and short-sighted decisions like trying to punch a door with the pitching hand.

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Kobe Gives The Finger….A Pass On Surgery Now

The LOS ANGELES TIMES points out news that Kobe Bryant has a torn ligament in his finger. But the Lakers leader will forgo surgery for now.

Kobe Bryant hands out

Bryant hurt his right pinkie in a Feb. 5 game against New Jersey, and happened to re-aggravate the injury in Wednesday’s win against Minnesota. Originally diagnosed as a dislocation, further examination on Thursday revealed much more digital damage. Read more…

Another NHL Player Suffers Painful Throat Injury

Just a few days after Richard Zednik’s gruesome neck slash, another NHL player has suffered a painful throat injury.

Aaron Ward Boston Bruins

The BOSTON GLOBE reports that the Bruins’ Aaron Ward was sent to the hospital Wednesday night after getting hit in the throat by a glove & stick (video after the jump). Read more…

Blog-O-Rama: Sac Kings Dance Team A Lot Of Fun

• WITH LEATHER gives a toast to the Sacramento Kings dance team:

Sacramento Kings dancers drinking

• JOE SPORTS FAN takes a look at the folks who would purposefully spend money to attend the Pro Bowl.

• THE SPORTS HERNIA briefs us on Roger Clemens’ lawyer Rusty Hardin.

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Zednik Neck Slash Sadly Familiar To Buffalo Fans

A very scary moment for Richard Zednik and fans & players in Buffalo on Sunday night, as the Florida Panthers forward was slashed in the neck by a wayward skate.

Richard Zednik throat slash hockey player

(Screen capture courtesy of THE HOCKEY HERALD)

During the 3rd period of Sunday’s game against the Sabres, the Panthers’ Olli Jokinen fell forward and accidentally caught his skate on the right side of Zednik’s neck. Although he was bleeding profusely, Zednik managed to make it back to the bench under his own power, where the team trainer immediately brought him back to the locker room.

TSN reports that “players, coaches and fans sat in silence after the accident, and the game was delayed for 15 minutes as the blood was cleaned off the ice.”

Sadly, this isn’t the first time Buffalo hockey fans have witnessed such a gory event. (video after the jump)

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De-Feet-ed: Knicks’ Starbury Done For The Season

So sayeth Marc Berman of the NEW YORK POST. Our favorite low-cost sneaker entrepreneur will be out for the rest of the season after his ankle surgery “was more complex than anticipated.”

Starbury shoe

With one year and $21 million dollars left on his expiring contract, Stephon Marbury is already on the trading block and likely to find himself bought out if Isiah Thomas isn’t able to find a buyer (read: sucker) to take him up on the aging point guard. If you need any more proof that he’s played his last game in a Knicks uniform, this will do it:

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