Mavs’ “Seats For Soldiers” Salutes Injured Troops

If you believe TV commercials, the best Christmas gift you could give anyone is car. Or diamonds. Or, if you live in a trailer park, a ShamWow. But no matter what you gave your wife or family this holiday season, it probably didn’t mean as much to them as what the Dallas Mavericks and the fans who have courtside season tickets do every December.

The Dallas Mavericks' Seats for Soldiers event

ESPN.COM reports that the Mavericks recently held their sixth annual Seats for Soldiers game against the Oklahoma City Thunder, where more than 150 wounded soldiers from a rehabilitation clinic in San Antonio were given front-row seats donated by Mavericks season-ticket holders, and thanked for their sacrifice with a lengthy standing ovation.

Video of this year’s event after the jump (complete with the obligatory Lee Greenwood song, but if you don’t choke up while seeing injured soldiers receive a standing ovation to “God Bless the U.S.A.,” I don’t want to know you):

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