Jeff Gordon Very Happy With Model Wife & Mom

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Jeff Gordon believes wife Ingrid Vandebosch is quite the model mother.

Jeff Gordon Ingrid Vandenbosch

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Jeff Gordon Continues To Lead A Pretty Good Life

I’m quite certain that if Jeff Gordon was, say, selling tires for a living he wouldn’t be making time with model-type talent, much less marrying them. But money conquers all, even for diminutive race car drivers.

Jeff Gordon, wife Ingrid

After divorcing his first wife and high school sweetheart in 2003, Gordon tied the knot to wife No. 2, Ingrid Vandebosch, three years later. And let’s just say he’s PSYCHED about his current situation, which includes his 14-month-old daugher, Ella Sofia, the latest addition to the family.

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NASCAR Founder Granddaughter Otto Caught For Impersonating Policeman

NASCAR DRIVERS GAIN YET ANOTHER MALE IMPERSONATOR: I’m a huge NASCAR fan, so I was all over the recent revelation reported by the SOUTH FLORIDA SUN-SENTINEL about the granddaughter of NASCAR cofounder Edgar Otto.

Rachel Otto NASCAR granddaughter

Rachel Otto was arrested this week by Palm Beach police and charged with impersonating a sheriff’s deputy after she pulled over a driver who had apparently cut her off.

Rachel Otto NASCAR granddaughter

Brandishing mace, she then forced him out of his car and handcuffed him - while claiming to be a sheriff’s deputy. She later admitted to police on the scene that she wasn’t a peace officer and had made a “citizen’s arrest”.


Meanwhile, the PALM BEACH POST reports the police also questioned the woman who was riding with Otto at the time of pull-over: “The woman said she had been living for the past week with Otto, whom she thought was a man.

Jeff Gordon Ingrid Vandebosch

Safe to say that “woman” knows exactly how Jeff Gordon’s new wife, Ingrid Vandenbosch, feels.

The Rainbow Warrior Plants the Seed

And just because I made you look at Lindsay Davenport…

Ingrid Vandebosch

It looks like Jeff Gordon has taken this whole “I’m straight” thing to another level by impregnating his new wife, Ingrid Vandebosch.

Jeff Gordon Dons 6-Foot Tall Beard Marries Slinky Nudie Model

Jeff Gordon has gotten married again, to slinky nudie model Ingrid Vandebosche.

Ingrid Vandenbosch Jeff Gordon

Ingrid Vandenbosch

Ingrid Vandenbosch

Whoever heard of a 6-foot tall beard?

Jeff Gordon announced this week that he is en…

Jeff Gordon announced this week that he is engaged to a Belgian beanstock named Ingrid Vandebosch.

Vandebosch is described in news reports as a "model/actress", which is known as being a "MAW" here in Lipstick City (model, actress … whatever). Since the only people who pick women like Vandebosch to be models are worn-in catchers mitts and gay men, the pairing makes perfect sense.